Justin Bieber Hollywood Palladium Popstar


Justin Bieber performing at the Hollywood Palladium in Los Angeles on Valentine’s Day. WENN. From Maude: On Feb. 4, I met Justin at the Pepsi Fan Jam concert in South Beach. My mom got the tattoo for the contest and that’s how I got to meet him :) He was so sweet! I swear he is the cutest thing to ever walk the earth! Also pix from Y100.

  • Anonymous

    LMAO at first picture.


    LOL at him talking about being a real man & LMAO at the height distance between him and the fan.

  • kimberly


    ,,nice p0sing..hahah

  • 30secondstomarsforevr<3

    hahaha to the first picture :) and I remember seeing that girls mom getting tatooed. lucky girl

  • Anonymous

    justin’s cute :)

  • Anonymous

    Funny…..”a real man……..”. I mean he is cute for a young kid. But it’s funny that he says “a real man”.

    Good for him that he knows how he wants to act and treat a lady, when he grows up.

  • BirthdayCake

    Too cute.

  • itsabieberfan

    JUSTIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WHO’S DAT GURL??? HUMPH!

  • Baby Baby

    Can’t they give him a box to stand on or something?????????????????????????????

  • island.B

    lol at the height difference but its cute Justin is a shawty :)
    cool her mom got a tat so she could meet him.

  • JoeLover

    he’s meeeaaaaannn.

  • Anonymous


  • Jasmyne.

    chickas, he’s five foot four.
    not that short.
    my ex is five foot two. O;
    i’ve seen justin in person, real close.
    he’s not that short in person.
    but he’s still on the short side.

  • iSupportNiley

    he looks like a baby!!!

    “you are my baby baby baby ohhhh!”

  • Anonymous

    I meet Justin last night at his concert and yes Justin is mean. The worst concert i have every been to.

  • icehoneybaby

    he’s REALLY short lol!

  • Anonymous

    Justin bieber rocks my socks he’s so damn cute

  • Tassy

    AWW.he seems to be so nice *-*

  • Anonymous

    That first picture was…wow. There isn’t any words to describe how idiotic he looks…

  • rhiiiiiii

    That girl’s mom is an IDIOT.

  • Anonymous

    I frikin love him, he seems so sweet aswell x

  • Anonymous

    I thought in the first he actually got shot. Sad it wasn’t real.

  • souzi

    idgaf about what everyone says but miley has been the biggest inspiration i had in my life

  • Elba

    omg i was there at that concert
    he lookd so cute wit wat he was wering<33

  • lalalalea

    His hand is huge.

  • Anonymous

    He’s not that short. He’s 5′ 5″ now..he’s growing. Give him time. Anyway, I wanna meet him someday :D he seems really sweet.

  • áninháá Bieber

    Yeah I am just like you girl
    I need to meet him but probably will never happen’ cuz i live in Portugal =S

  • Julia loves justin bieberrr! <33

    I LOVE HIM HE IS SO CUTE! MY GOAL IS TO MEET HIM IN PERSON! thats peobably not going to happen though. :(

  • xostephxo176


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  • Anonymous

    dear god he’s short. and he calls girls shawty? haha


  • Beautiful.Dirty.Rich

    That first picture made me LOL

  • iSupportNiley

    am i fifth or sixth??lol!

  • iSupportNiley

    hooray for JB!!!haha!

  • msjonas13