Adrienne Bailon NYC FASHION WEEK


Adrienne Bailon @ Tadashi Shoji 2010 line opening for NYC Fashion week.

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  • urmom

    hahah i love how there is only 15 comments on here (16 now) cuz nobody likes her anymore.. and on like any other post there’s like 200 or 300 hahaha!! :)

  • Anonymous

    Yes, Paola. She is from Cheetah Girls.

  • merissa99

    she is so pretty

  • JACLYN21Mcdowell

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  • gas

    So beautiful, I like

  • Anonymous

    Yeah I was there and I saw her she is really crazy !!! You see the glue in her eye really bad !! Eww .. She really gotta chill with that makeup .. :D

  • Anonymous

    She’s very pretty.

  • Anonymous

    She looks scary. Way too much makeup/fake lashes. And she always wears weird unflattering clothes.

  • paola

    she was from de cheetahs no?

  • Diamondback

    She’s very beautiful. Rob Kardashian screwed up beyond belief.

  • Nobody Does It Better xx

    Is she still relevant??


    I lol’d at Ms.J’s face in the 3rd picture.

  • Anonymous

    Is she still relevant?
    thats what i thought :)

  • Anonymous

    Um, that’s mean.

  • Anonymous

    Ms. J…lookin homo as ever.

  • Anonymous


    Does she have an album coming out or something…?

  • Anonymous

    Umm first?

  • XsparksflyX

    adrienne who?

  • musiciseverything

    Ms. J is fierce.