Avril Lavigne ALICE Official Music Video

  • Anonymous

    Well I like the SONG. Just not the video :\ I personally like this fan-made video a LOT more http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LTdSGh3RYH0

  • Sonny

    The parts of the song that they show in the preview is so good and like creepy sounding, but the rest of the song other than that part is horrible singing!

  • callmelegs

    I love the song.But to me,I think thers a second meeting to it.Like…I don’t know how to explain it.It seemms like she’s talking about the hardships of fame and that she won’t cry.Like after her break she’s now finding herself in wonderland (the cruel world of fame) or about anyone who’s just trying become famous.

  • Sonny

    ThanksHeavenForKevin…who’s your icon of??

  • Tugce

    Thsi song is amaziiing!!! and I love the videoo!!

  • callmelegs

    Who is that hottie on your icon?! Hot damn! Your icon just made my day!!

  • ThanksHeavenForKevin

    Sonny said:

    ThanksHeavenForKevin…who’s your icon of??
    Um the same hot dude in yours ;)

  • Anonymous


  • ThanksHeavenForKevin

    Or you mean, where I found it?

  • KillyGirl6

    well….I LOVE AVRIL but i don’t like the sounds much :S

    I caan’t waait to see Alice in wonderland its veryy funyy that movie

  • cyrus_lavigne09

    she’s so cute!

  • googler

    Alice….what happened to you

  • ftooneta234

    I am Huge fan of her, this song totally rocks <3

  • ALI


    who is the guy on your icon?? :)

  • Anonymous

    i have a feeling that the soundtrack is gonna be kinda bad

  • googler

    Avril….what happened to you

    CRAAP!! here iwuz tryin 2 be cool and mysterious and iwent and put the wrong name

  • Likethesea

    I can’t wait for Alice in wonderland and Shutter Island!

  • jonasbrothersfan

    i loove avril. :)

  • ThanksHeavenForKevin

    ALI said:


    who is the guy on your icon?? :)
    Logan Lerman <3

  • Anonymous

    i really really REALLY want to see this movie
    i looove johny depp and his character seams to have been done just for him

  • Anonymous

    This movie is going to be outstanding.
    Tim Burton never ceases to please me with his work.
    Love him! …& Johnny Depp. <3

  • island.B

    my friend want to get high and watch this movie.

  • merissa99

    I dont like her anymore or this song.
    but i wanna see the movie. :)

  • Serenity.

    She can’t make a big comeback after 3 years, god.

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  • Mexican

    LOVE HER. The song.. well, it’s definitely not her best.

  • lalalalea

    I like avril.
    But this song is just, ugh

  • ThanksHeavenForKevin

    I can’t wait to see this movie :D
    even though The Red Queen freaks me out :(

  • cyrusRAWR


  • iFail2Much

    I wanna see this movie so bad.

  • oxoemmaoxo

    The song is just UMMMMM EHHH.
    Im lost for words.

  • Melissa=)

    i dont like the song but i really wanna see this movie.

  • Anonymous

    avril is okay

    i didn’t watch the video but

    how random is it that she’s dating



  • Anonymous

    shes trying to look like her old rock self as oppose to her recent barbie girl shit…