Jasmine Villegas SERIOUS Music Video

  • danielle

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  • Anonymous

    people are just jealous. She’s reallly good! go to her youtube channel and watch some old video’s you’ll realize your the one who’s makeing a mistake by talking shit. she’s already on MTV. She’s gnna be famous and people will be eating there WORDS.

  • _herecomestrouble.

    i was not expecting that voice out of her.
    she’s good though. (:

  • Anonymous

    C’mon what the fuck is this! BULLSHIT! Almost worst that hearing a Tweenie say niley will Live again over & over! Ugh!!

  • danielle

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  • THEO

    Yall need 2 stop hatin on ma girl. Yall just jealous cuz yall wasnt in JB’ Video. And Her video and voice is BEAUTIFUL!!!!! SHE’ BEAUTIFUL, SO STOP HATIN!!
    (I wish u luck and nothing but it Jasmine V, Do wat chu do!)

  • Anonymous


  • la naj

    ohhhh so thats why she was in bieber’s music video; so that she can get some puplicity when her song comes out.
    smart move.

    pretty girl,
    bad voice,
    crap song.

  • Tells;you;the;truth:)

    She has a good voice…. Sorta… But this songs is stupid/horriable and sucks!

  • xCyrusBieber

    I ddont like her, but I need to accep shes ”good”
    Hahaha i know it is just stupid, ‘cuz I dont like her because she kissed Justin? and yes she is in the Baby music video

  • Anonymous

    This is the girl who was all over Justin. I cant even be bothered to listen to the song all the way through.

  • vsfdgdsfg

    most of the people are probably going to hate because she was the lead in justin bieber’s video witch is stupid because there just friends jasmine probably isent looking to be anything more with him. people need to stop being jealous she’s really good she sing’s for the fights she always sings the national anthem so obviously she’s good. haters.

  • Anonymous

    I’d hit that

  • Anonymous

    she is really pretty. and the song is okay.
    but give her a break, she is new at this.
    let’s just patiently wait. plus, it’s not that bad, i mean there are worst songs that get mooooooooooore credit. pleeeeeeeeeeease.

  • Benita

    She has an average voice that people hear. There nothing different about her voice if you hear it on the radio you probably won’t recognize it. I’m not saying she’s a bad singer it’s just her voice and song bores me.

  • Ingrid

    She sings the National Anthem in boxing matches :) <3

  • Anonymous

    ahhh! i love herrr!!!! i have been her fan forever! and when i found otu she was in justin biebers musci vid, i freaked out!!

  • danielle

    Hey follow my fan page i made for jasmine on twitter. Twitter.com/JasmineVCentral

  • Myself! :D


  • None ya!

    Who is she?

  • Anonymous

    she has videos on Youtube. Her friend is the one directing Justin Bieber’s Baby video. I guess that’s why she was in it..

  • Anonymous

    Lol i dont know who se is

  • island.B

    is this The Biebs video girl?

  • merissa99


  • Anonymous

    Yes, she was in the Baby music video, she’s adorable.

  • Katie13

    Her voice is nice but the song sucks

  • Ashley

    okay. Another new star

  • Anonymous

    She’s really good!

  • Anonymous

    C’mon what the fuck is this! BULLSHIT! Almost worst that hearing a Tweenie say niley will be again over & over! Ugh!!