Justin Bieber SCHOOL TAKEOVER Video

BOP! & Tiger Beat followed Justin Bieber when he acted as principal for the day at Northview High School in Covina, CA. How Justin Bieber would run a school if he were in charge!

  • BUBLE.

    he would get stabbed at my school.

  • CupcakezLover

    Yeahhh don’t come to our school, we’d humiliate you to death, lol.

  • SellyismygirlCrush
  • SophssJonas

    i really wanna SUCK HIS DICK!!!!! YUM XD <3

    Sorry to burst your bubble mate, but he doesn’t have one
    kthxbye :)

  • Serenity.

    Oh… he’s still allive?
    I didn’t know that.

  • Anonymous

    if he came to my school …
    well it wouldn’t even happen.
    people at my school HATE him

  • Anonymous

    lmaoo no one likes him @ my school.

  • Anonymous

    HAHAHAHAAAA! I’m trying to imagine Justin in one of my school uniforms.

    …too funny for words…

  • Melissa

    Haha i’d love for him to come to my school but theres 2 problems 1) i dont go to school at the moment and 2) The ppl at my school would totally try and kick his ass!

  • Dest

    Justins a sweetheart <3

  • Anonymous


    ^ uhhmmm is this likee reall!?

  • Sparklesxx

    OKAY, is it just me, or has his singing voice dropped an octave… just an observation… :/

  • FrenchBelieber

    *Justin Bieber’s new single ‘ Baby ‘ will hit french stores on feb 22nd http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oMu1aeSNdzE
    Let’s make a bieberblast all around the world !

  • Anonymous

    can u perform here in the philippines you hsa so many fans here.i love ur songs/.,*&^$#@

  • italianprincess

    if he came to my school i would wanna kick his ass out he thinks he is all that and a bucket of kfc i hate him

  • esskayy

    lmao, that’s so close to my school. I’m supposed to go to that school… xD I guess they really like him at Northview but at my school he’d probably get beat up. x)

  • Anonymous

    when is ur birthday?

  • Anonymous

    If he came to my school every one would kick his ass we all hate him. But we all love the Jonas brothers this is y I love my school to death:)

  • Anonymous

    i really wanna SUCK HIS DICK!!!!! YUM XD <3

  • Anonymous

    you can tell people are starting to get over him

  • SophssJonas

    If he came to my school every one would kick his ass we all hate him. But we all love the Jonas brothers this is y I love my school to death:)
    OMG I WANT TO GO TO YOUR SCHOOL, I think I might love it there to ;D

  • Ron has red hair.

    Dear Justin,
    I know many take offense to your miniature wangster act, but I personally find it endearing. It’s like a puppy dog wearing chains and throwing it down.
    Now give me a hug, or else.

  • Anonymous

    I’m like the only one who likes him but i dont care i will like him forever and ever.. <3

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  • uamber

    so cool and 1st

  • Kourtney

    I wish Justin Bieber was in charge of my elementary school!!!!!11111

  • DemiandMileyPones

    If he ever came to my school….


  • Samantha

    ohhh i knoww hes amazing … hes my idol .:)

  • uamber

    he came to my school and played a bball game

  • Anonymous

    if justin even so much as stepped foot in my school about 50 to 100 guys would beat his ass lmao

  • Anonymous

    he’d get eaten alive.guys at my school have a low tolerance level for teen phenomenons or any guy that has more girls than they do.

  • xxloverxx

    who cares…-_- he is so annoying!!

  • sammmmtan

    well for starters, i go to an all girls school…so i think he’d like it lol ;)

  • merissa99

    lol no one at my school likes him