Bridgit Mendler ON GOSSIP & GUYS

Good Luck Charlie star Bridgit Mendler chats with POPSTAR! 1+

  • Diamondback

    Bridgit is as cool as the breeze.

  • Anonymous

    all I can say is EEWWW!!!

  • GimminyCrickets7

    She seems coooo
    And don’t hit me upside the head, but I think she’d be really cute with Joe. Just sayin…

  • merissa99

    i liked her in the clique


    i like her hair
    shes pretty.

  • Ashley

    Yeah. Like reAlly

  • Anonymous54454222

    she’s pretty, she seems really nice :)

  • Anonymous

    Blah Blah Blah!!!

    This girls an idiot. She makes no sense and can’t even look at the camera when shes speaking.

    Disney you failed with this one!

  • not_soibt

    ur icon is tooo sexy for oceanup :D
    anddd bridget is really crazy to want to come into this disney world they get the most so
    “Good Luck Bridget” :/

  • lllliz

    she’s so gorgeous <3

  • Ashley

    I find her anoying. Like really

  • neverwinmentality

    Why would we care about what she has to say about gossip and guys?

  • Anonymous


  • Aimee

    love her! :)

  • Anonymous

    that show looks stupid

  • ET

    She seems sweet:)

  • Anonymous



  • MaryMary

    Ew. Can’t stand her since Alice Upside Down.

  • Serenity.

    I loved her in the clique, after that it’s kinda like… ehhh :l