Cody Linley & Roshon Fegan SHOW 2010

Andddddd we are back. 2010 hold on tight for the ride of your lives. The Ro and Co Show is BACK IN ACTION and doin it bigger than ever. Be prepared for more music, videos and LIVE show’s from RO and CO. Please leave comments, subscribe and rate our vids. Hope you enjoyed the vid and the OFFICIAL Ro and Co Show theme song. Thanks for all the love and support guys

  • yesaella

    loll i didnt even know they knew each other…but wow they are cutttteeee<3 and im so surprised i thought this would be a fail but i like their music!!

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  • Benita

    thats a cool song like really.

  • Dumaaa ?

    Yay! I used to love when they did these videos! I`m glad they`re doing them again!

    Both are such cuties! <3

  • Anonymous

    Really???!!! You have GOT to be kidding!!!

  • Anonymous


  • lovatocyrusjonaslove

    Yes he is lol such a cutie.

  • island.B

    Roshon is cute :)

  • logan’s lover.

    cody is a hotttttie.

  • island.B

    haha he is :)
    cool seems like nobody else agrees w/

  • Anonymous

    #2 or #3?? xD

  • Anonymous

    they look gay

  • Anonymous

    cody is hot… demis ex-boyfriend with the best good looking… well after alex noyes (if she dated alex noyes)