Taylor Swift Superstar Breezy Music VID

  • Connie.4.Real

    u r jelous no doubt! oSo funny

  • i’m from brazil!

    second ^^’
    segunda ;@

  • Melanie

    This video is too cute! Get all of Taylor’s clothes here http://outfitidentifier.com/?cat=905

  • oxoemmaoxo

    She’s really good and pretty.

  • musiciseverything

    Just too lazy to watch.

  • None ya!

    Seems stupid, not gonna watch!

  • Marina

    Também sou brasileira haha

  • ssteef

    Também sou brasileira haha


    eu TAMBEM ! hahaha =)

  • island.B

    Cool :)
    & OMG i just watched The Biebs video for Baby and it was super cute.His dances moves make me laugh but the theme was really cute and Drake was in it ^_^

  • musiciseverything

    I saw it. It was really good. Justin’s best video yet.

  • margarita

    Taylor Swift is so cool I love her:)))))))

  • island.B

    Yup it is :)
    oU needs to post it.!
    but i think because he was bowling some dumb people are going to say hes copying the JoBros :/

  • musiciseverything

    They probably will post it. But I feel bad for Justin. I mean I’m not a big fan, but he’s cute and talented. He can’t help what his fans do.

  • oxoemmaoxo

    Baby music video is really good. Don’t like the song.

  • Anonymous

    Cara, eu acho que 40% dos “oceanupers” sao brasileiros, haha! btw, I loved that video!

  • oxoemmaoxo

    The girl in the video loves JB. LOL its soo obvious.

  • Margaret

    Breezy Video…She’s got talent and creativity. How many non professionals can do as good as she can. She managed this exposure quite well. She continues to improve her talent. When she is giving her opportunity to have greater exposure the rose will blossom. She deserves a big round of applause…give it to her.

  • Anonymous

    Very cute video, now if she could sing…:\

  • Anonymous


  • Xx4

    I want her hair. :\

  • Anonymous

    this bitch was next to me at the nick jonas concert. her fat ass mom kept on shoving me and my friend over. so annoying. this video sucks.

  • Beth2k9

    The video’s cool, and I agree she’s unique but her voice is a tad whiny. :/ just my opinion though.

  • Anonymous

    her voice sucks. and shes not good. at all. sorry

  • Anonymous

    Obviously your vocabulary is very limited as you choose words that reflect a true loser… Stay home next time loser…

  • Anonymous

    Cute Girl, Her voice is well suited to the song. Video is well put together. I’ll give her a yes.

  • callmelegs

    Can she dedicate a songTaylor Swift wrote to the Jonas Brothers? The video was cute.She has a fine voice.But Taylor has her own voice that makes her songsher songs.

  • Jenny

    i guess everyone on here is tone deaf
    because you suck.

  • Erica

    Yo Breezy! haha you probably don’t remember me from Myspace from like 2 years ago. I’m trying to find you but I can’t :( I made a new account. Gah. Congrats on your video being on Oceanup! Your voice is great.

  • Breezy

    I just wanted to say thank you SO much for posting my video! This really mean a lot to me! :)
    God Bless,

  • Anonymous

    I love this vid! sooo cute! She’s good! =D

  • starlightxaddiction

    She is pretty good but she is kind of biased toward Nick and Joe. What about KEVIN!

  • Anonymous

    I heard you are looking for some originals.
    SONGWRITERS here is a great opportunity to get your stuff out there. This girl has unique vocals. Love the video.
    Best to you in your success.

  • Sue

    Breezy, Wow…so cool for you to get some exposure! I love how you put this video together , so special. Someday , I pray someone will discover YOU! You have so much talent, if only somone would give you an opportunity …thats all it takes.
    Love Mom

  • Captain Crunch

    I saw her concert. She iz fine (*&@%&*^

  • Anonymous

    1st finally!

  • Anonymous

    second !

  • Mel91

    Cool video.
    Way pitchy, but still, cool video.

  • Margarita

    Cool I thought it was ok 2

  • oxoemmaoxo


  • Anonymous


  • Aj

    THIRD =)

  • oxoemmaoxo


  • Anonymous

    she sounds and looks like diana vickers abit.. she has a really unquie voice i like it,,

  • AnonymousFag

    Everyone loves the AnonymousFag. Whats Breezy?
    Anyway, shes to faggy.


  • AnonymousFag

    ^^^ Breezys’ mom.

  • Anonymous

    Shes horrible. I saw her at Tune Into Kids Awards and she wasnt good at all and she was a bitch to her fans. Her moms a stupid fat bitch thats OBSESSED with her.

  • GalenaaGurl0903

    Breezy is a sweetheart. During her concert at the summit mall, I saw her signing autographs for a lot of fans, and she was the nicest person to them. My little sister and her friend also ran into her during her photoshoot and they said she was the nicest person they ever met. So back off, Breezys amazing.

  • Anonymous

    I met her once or twice in LA. Shes really nice and funny.

  • Anonymous

    You’re another loser… Nice vocabulary…

  • Anonymous

    FUCK BREEZY! she lives in my hometown and shes a fuking anoying bich that thinks she so fucking cool cuz her mom follows her round with a camera saying arent you breezy? and she fuckin pays kids to take her autograph! FAKE FUKER! she also got my myspace deleted cuz she didnt like me, she nothin but A FUGLY FUCKER

  • Anonmous

    I didn’t like the way she sung… but is not horrible. is just bad

  • BreezyOfficialStreetTeam

    I am so proud of Breezy for getting her exposure on oceanUP! She has finally caught piece of that big break she’s been searching for fpr 6 years! GO BREEZY!
    Add Breezy: MySpace.Com/BreezyMusicMyspace
    Add StreetTeam: Myspace.Com/BreezyOfficialStreetTeam

  • Anonymous

    Awesome video! I’ve seen her concerts… she can sing, dance, is way cool and georgeous!

  • Born in Canada

    I like her room deco—- Her hair must be a wig to perfect.