Ashley Tisdale ‘Maybe I Should Get A Wig!’


Blond actress Ashley Tisdale dropped off at a restaurant in Studio City, CA by herself on Saturday later joined by boyfriend Scott Speer. Tis is considering getting a wig like Hannah Montana so that she doesn’t have to keep dying her hair. Photos: Fame.

  • Anonymous

    Wonder if a lot of people do that. She’d be more famous for wearing the wig than the actual movie would be lmao.

  • twycgnb

    i think she looks better blonde

  • Anonymoussdf


  • Anonymoussf

    i love her as a brunette, she seems so much happier i guess.
    likes she 100% herself.
    like when guilty pleasure came out and she did a bunch of promo concerts
    she had so much fun flipping her fair and being herself.

  • Anonymous

    You know I like her as a blonde more, i think it suites her. I didnt mind the brown on her but she looked really plain, when she’s a blonde she stands out. I dont know her being a blonde looks a lot more natural. Also i’m loving how she looks in this pic!! the hair is amazing!

  • Anonymous

    she was kidding ou! or at least i think she was o.o

  • Anonymous

    she was being serious. Why would you think she was joking?

    If you only need to be blonde for a movie then whats wrong with having a wig? :)

  • Shahd

    2end ;P
    are u kidding me!

  • Dessiree

    Lol. Good idea

  • Anonymous

    honestly, its not a big deal.
    Theres people that wear them for medical reasons or because it makes them feel more confident.

  • Ashley

    That’s cool I whant to see that movie

  • Anonymous

    Is Great idea
    aaammm… i love your glasses! :B

  • Anonymous

    Dying your hair is extremely bad for it but her hair looks beautiful as always! GEt all of her clothes here

  • fefa

    haha i love her she’s such a great role model