Nick Jonas asks you to make music to save music. Join the Battle of the Bands to keep music education in schools. Check out to get started.

  • Roro xox

    hes so so hot ! the start :D:D

  • Anonymous

    English groups can enter but aren’t legible for prizes :/

  • xostephxo176

    i don’t know about you guys, but in elementary school and middle school where we HAD to take music… it was hell… so stupid. lol. luckily you can take whatever you want in high school so that’s nice.

  • Anonymous

    first :]

  • BlaBla

    Everyone follow @ArmyOfJonas in Twitter (its not me) All the Jonas fans have to get together!Let’s show this awesome guys our love and support and take the haters down

  • HeyHeyItsHolly!

    in the beginning his voice sounds really raspy

  • LoveLautner

    Shit. Wrong post. haha.

  • MZ

    Yes Nicholas, let’s do something together. ;)

  • lalalalea

    awesome :)
    love him for doing that.
    and the beginning is DA BEST :D

    why so happy? aha

  • LoveLautner

    Music Education at my school SUCKS.

  • Anonymous

    He looks great. And once again helping a worthy cause. Even with all his working he never stops helping.

  • Trey

    Good PSA for Nick! :)

  • Anonymous

    First :)

  • Anonymous

    fiRST? :D

  • Anonymous

    Yessss! hahah

  • love_love_love

    hes freakin hot in the beginning!
    0:01-0:04 <3
    thats really cool that hes doing this.

  • Anonymous

    :/ Lost interest in him.

  • sexylady

    the beginning of this video is incredibly delicious. he’s hot, no denying that. what’s even hotter is he knows he’s hot. yummmmmmmmeeeeeee.

  • ChantalJB

    LOve him <33

  • Anonymous

    his smile is so cutie

    especially in the begining

  • Anonymous

    in the beginning he kind of looks like Nathan from One Tree Hill, but i think its just me .