Nicole Anderson ON GETTING JOBRO’D

  • Anonymous

    It looked like she was about to say f*ck when she was taking about what comes out of the jobro’s mouth’s :L

  • Jonato

    I love her so much! She’s adorable.
    I want her to get JoBro’d just so we can see what they actually do :D

  • elmooo

    I think she meant Blow Jo’d

  • robbobwarnpeace

    Ahh you and I think alike :)

  • .InspiredByJB.

    cant wait for the 2nd season to come out! :D

  • Anonymous

    I think Macy and Kevin should get togther

  • Anonymous

    can’t wait!! i love macy, she’s hilarious…
    and i’m curious to see who she’s gonna be paired up with.. kevin maybe??

  • Anonymous

    I need to see more of Macy. -.-

  • CupcakezLover

    Love her <3
    IMO, I think Nicole and Selena are the prettiest girls on Disney.

  • cheaperbythedozen

    she’s so sweet

  • Catty

    in the background it says
    (somthing) ft. DRAKE BELL!! hes playing music again! awesome!

  • Anonymous

    Please can we get more of her and less of Stella next season. We get it Stella and Joe like each other. Move on to some better story lines with Nick and Kevin.

  • xoxRose

    I totally agree!

  • Anonymous

    Agreed, so sick of Stella and Joe episodes! Plus Nicole Anderson is ADORABLE!!

  • xoxRose

    She’s adorable!

  • Madnama

    First! Hahha fun! XD

  • OceanUp Fail

    She’s so cute. :)

  • Shannah

    Love her :) cant wait for JONAS series 2

  • robbobwarnpeace

    misleading title tsk …shes very cute/hot