Very Happy 21st Birthday To Corbin Bleu!


High School Musical star Corbin Bleu turned 21 yesterday [Feb. 21, 2010].

  • Alexis

    I freaking love Corbin. Hope he had a great day. He totally deserves it.

  • Anonymous

    I Didn’t realize how young he is :D—Happy b-day

  • Anonymous

    Now the entire High School Musical cast can go out and get wasted together!

    “All in this together?”
    “Bottoms up!”

  • MeenuD
  • Trey

    Hope he had a happy & Blessed birthday!

  • JBlover1311

    Happy birtheday boy!!!!11

  • GotJONAS .


  • jessica

    1 St :)

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  • nia

    Happy Birthday Corbin! :)

  • Anonymous

    Yeah, if he’s like any other American turn 21 male, that’s all he was thinking about, lol.

  • Mercedes

    Wow. him & my dad have the same b-day.
    Happy Birthday Corbin!! You can legally get drunk now ;)

  • xTheDreamingAngel

    Happy birthday Corbin :)

    BTW, Ashley Greene turned 23 (I think) yesterday too.

  • Elsaandmiley

    Happy B-day Corbin !

  • brazilmissesdemi

    happy b-day from brazil !

  • island.B

    Happy Birthday Sexy :)