One Call WE ARE ONE Help Haiti Song

Donate @ UNICEF.

  • Anonymous

    YAY! One Call<3
    So proud of them!
    They did an AMAZING Job on this song.

    One Call will Definitely be getting some new fans from this awesome song! =D

  • Ayan

    im soo happy their on oceanup! im soo proud of these boys!! theirs amazing and truly talented and they should be recognized! MORE ONE CALL ON OCEANUP!

  • Anonymous

    ONE CALL! it’s about time you put them on this website. i love these boys to death. (:

  • cookie

    i like this song

  • yippie!

    I met JJ, Chris and Jose back in 2008 durring the bandimonium tour! and I was there for their 1st performance as one call
    seriously the sweetest guys ever

    I’ve met the Jonas brothers and have to say JJ Chris Jose and AG are 10 x sweeter than them.. not that the jbs are mean though

    oceanup keeep posting ONE CALL PLEASE

  • Liz

    didnt thy tour with britney spears???… they were awsome live

  • bluebear14

    Haha. I’m so glad my video made it up on this site. One Call is amazing and this song is beautiful. I just made the video to make the song even more meaningful and to show off the song that these four boys sat down and wrote, produced, and sang all by themselves. Thanks for putting it up! (:

  • Anonymous

    I love love love one call! They are amazing!

    Don’t know who they are or want to check them out?
    Go to :)

  • KaseyG

    aw so proud of my boys!!!
    yall have no idea ( I know a lot of you are proud of our boys!)

    I wish them all the success they deserve
    keep it up boys .. know your loved and know you are doing an amazing job!

  • Ashh

    One Call sonn!!! hahaha. i love em’ boysss <3 OU needs to post more of them!!

  • Lauren

    OMG!!! ONE CALL!!! I love those boys!!!

    I cant wait for thier album to come out!!!! :)))))))

    (Im gonna marry justin….just sayin ;) )

  • Anonymous

    hahaha i love one call :D

  • jackie

    I know one call is amazing, there the coolest guys ever

  • Anonymous

    i know i actually meet them in orlando

  • Jackie

    One call is awsome im so proud of them

  • lissetteeeee

    i met jose & chris of one call when they were in menudo.
    oceanup, you seriously need more one call on your website.
    they are amazingly epic.

  • Onecallfan

    lucky i want to meet them

  • Gigi

    yeah they toured with Britney Spears & opened up for Honor Society on their FMC & Fashionably Late tours in FL! They are the sweetest guys ever! <3

  • Anonymous

    one call, they are so amazing.
    i met them when they were in Tampa,
    they are seriously so sweet. you need to put them on here

  • Anonymous

    yay! finally one call :) i’ve been reading oceanup for like ever.. and finally they get one of the best bands out there! they deserve it <3
    more one call on oceanup , forsure!

  • Angela

    I looked up One Call
    OMG they’re soooooooo cute!
    donating when I get home

  • Anonymous

    why didnt they perform in popcon i thought they were going to?

  • Gigi

    yay! Finally my boys get a spot on the site :) Congrats AG, Chris, Jose & Justin <3 you deserve it.

    check them out at ; ; ;

  • Anonymous

    omg they put one call up.. im so happy :)

  • yay

    ONE CALL ONE CALL ONE CALL ONE CALL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    AHHH so proud of my boys!!!

  • Anonymous

    lossss adorooo chikosss siempre leo oceanup besiiitossss!!!!!!!!!!

  • YESSSS!!!

    OMG ONECALL!!!! its about time oceanup one call is amazing

  • Tiffybear

    wow I’ve never heard of One Call
    but I love this song
    they just made a new fan!
    post more of the plese

  • Deanna

    Yay!! I loveee this song. It’s awesome.
    I’m definitely doing something for Haiti when I get home from school, too. :)

  • Anonymous

    first again

  • Anonymous

    YES!! ONE CALL!!! :D

  • LoveLautner

    I don’t think I can take watching another Haiti video while I’m sitting warm and full. I’ve donated money, but still. My emotional state can’t take it anymore. I’ll rather just pray for them.

  • Anonymous

    yaayyyy!!! xD

  • lissetteeee

    omggg one call =)
    im soo proud of them.
    love themm.
    put more of them on youur site *