Thomas Fiss CARRY OUT Cover

By Justin Timberlake & Timbaland.

  • Celine

    AMAZING as always :)

  • bombastic

    @Lisa yes this part is awesome.!!
    T-Tank is back :DD

    Thomas “why he stopped again with those quotes he puts between his name” Fiss

  • Anonymous

    <3 thomas!! i really like this cover. always a fan tom :)

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    THOMAS! You rock, (;

  • Jessica

    Love it! All he needs to know is that He just made even more of a HUGE fan out of me! MORE MORE MORE THOMAS FISS!!! <3 Jessica!

  • Lisa

    The melody’s not the best but his voice in this sounds AMAZINGGGGGGGG. I love when he breaks it down for “me you, you me all night” lol

    GOOD JOB THOMAS you’re winning me over!

  • carol

    who is that guy? FIRST

  • Makayla Grey-Jonas

    He still never did the cover of When You Look Me In The Eyes… :[

  • xoHusnaaxo

    Woooo!! Thomas!! He is one seriously AWESOME and DOPE guy (:
    And if anyone is wondering who he is..He used to be in a band Varsity Fanclub then he left last year and is now pursuing a solo career..His EP came out last month (: And check him out here: ..


  • Diamond

    Thomas Fiss blows my mind :)

  • Alelie

    way to go love!