Tiffany Giardina Not That Girl MYSPACE

  • marida1398

    who is she dating? justin?

  • Anonymous

    just because she not on a major show does not mean she
    cant sing, in fact probably CAN sing

  • Sally

    I saw her videos from popcon! shes really good! i really hope she comes to Maryland

  • selfann

    just heard the new song, it rocks!

  • Carlie

    not gonna lie, i’ve been seeing her on here all the time, & just recently i’ve started listening to her stuff. her old album was too little-kid like for me. but i watched the videos from popcon, & shes on hell of a singer. so, bravo to ou for introducing me to her :]

  • selfann

    awe shes so cute. loved the new stuff she did at popcon.

  • 445hd

    her new stuff sounds SO good. saw the videos from popcon and loved it.
    i don’t think she belonged at popcon though they should make a rockcon hahah
    or have her perform at bamboole again. she went last year right?

  • twit

    loovee her.
    whens her cd coming out anyone know?

  • lover

    okay so i just watch the videos she talked about from popcon and DAMMNNN girls got a hell of a voice.

    so good.

  • yoo

    see i like her because unlike other people she really is all about the MUSIC.
    which is how it should be. i really respect her.

  • becca

    what do you think the song is about? she’s soooo pretty.

  • tara

    shes so nice! that was like the nicest video ever

  • Anonymous

    i always see her on here and im starting to really like her

  • selfann

    totally agree.
    and who cares if shes famous or not its all about the music. and if you follow her on twitter you can really see that thats what she loves.

    haha she always says she just wrote a new song, she going to have like a billion. lol

  • Anonymous

    met her at popcon. nice person

  • erice

    i loooooove hurry up and no second chances

  • sara12

    aw she’s sweet… and her voice sounds killer from those popcon videos.. that was a great show! justin was really good two, they had to be the only good ones who played! Selena..well she is tone deaf!

  • Theressa

    Tiffany is amazing! I cant wait to hear more of her songs! They are going to be killer! Not to mention that she is super nice!

    Check her out!: :)

  • Abby

    She is an AMAZING upcoming singer!! Check out her stuff at <3

  • oxoemmaoxo

    bbygirl. said:

    i’ve never heard of her. o.O


  • Abby

    It doesn’t matter if she’s famous! She’s an azming singer and an amazing person! Give her a chance! and listen to all her new music,

  • khjkjhk

    she will never become that famous ever !!!

  • Anonymous

    cool i saw her at popcon
    watch the video she is really good

  • Anonymous

    loved her at POCON
    Great Show
    Justin !!! Rules !!

  • Ashley

    I like her music

  • oxoemmaoxo

    Who is she?

  • Michelle

    ah . i cant wait to hear it. i love her stuff

  • bbygirl.

    i’ve never heard of her. o.O