• Anonymous

    I read the book and how did Vannessa Hudgens get to play Lindy.
    Lindy is supposed to be redhead and average looking.
    Plus the “Beast” that Alex becomes is suppossed to be like the beast thats in Beauty and The Beast.
    Other than that….Mmmmmm,Alex Pettyfer

  • Katie

    I really want v.hudgens’ hair.

  • Anonymous

    this film just destroyed the book. this looks so terribly done… I hate when a good book turns into a crappy film. why can’t people just leave good things alone?

  • vanessa

    OMG, im so excited, it loooks amazing.

    Alex pettyfer is gorgeous, and so is vanessa hudgens- shes so beautiful.

    EXCITED to see it !

  • honey

    wohoo, i can’t wait for the movie. V is really great in here.!

  • Anonymous

    How’s Selena and Nick?
    P.S I’m kidding.

  • Anonymous

    this looks EPIC.

  • Anonymous–

    looks amazing, cant wait:)<33

  • Gisele

    Beastly will be really good.

  • -Kat-

    Probably gonna watch it

  • Anonymous

    looks good. definitely gonna watch it. i love vanessa. she looks pretty

  • Anonymous

    vanessa’s always pretty

  • Cesi.

    I’m pretty sure I’m going to love this. Exited. :)

  • Hannah

    ahh cant wait! Finished this book yesterday. the ‘beast’doesnt look like anything the boook describes, but i guess that’s okay.

  • CAT

    wow this seems WAYYY more apealing then The last song with miley cyrus.
    The movie looks good tooo, hmmm cant wait until it comes out

  • Emmaxx

    I wanna see this movie. :)

  • Bárbara Araujo

    I cant wait to see Beastly!

  • Anonymous

    looks soo good

  • Anonymous

    Wow one of the olsen sisters is finally in a movie? It’s about time

  • cheshire

    and the maid was hispanic

  • Anonymous

    Even I can tell Alex’s accent is off and I’m British :/

    I don’t know what to make of this movie just by looking at the trailer though. Why can’t people just stick to their own accents? Get a little variety in the movies.

  • Anonymous

    don’t know why I expected this to be really bad, but anyway…the movie looks actually really good, and Alex is sooo HOT! :)

  • Anonymous

    this? movie looks awesome and Vanessa just shines can’t wait to see it!

  • XsparksflyX

    Anonymous said:

    don’t know why I expected this to be really bad, but anyway…the movie looks actually really good, and Alex is sooo HOT! :)


    agreed :)

  • Arrowsida

    I cant wait to see the movie!!!!!!!!!!!!
    its gong to be so cool :)

  • Brenda giiiiirrrrllll

    I’m pleasantly surprised, it looks a lot better than people made it sound. They make it sound so conventional as if it’s just guy gets turned ugly, he changes and falls in love, girl loves him too, he’s changed back and they live happily ever after. This actually has some dimension to it. I might actually go to see it

  • Ayah


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  • Anonymous

    First oh yeah

  • oxoemmaoxo

    The movie looks good.

  • nuffinx

    looks good!

  • santreche


  • santreche

    ive been reported for spam because i put :) ?

  • oxoemmaoxo

    santreche said:

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    OU is retarted.

  • Anonymous
  • Anonymous