Jennifer Stone Tarina Tarantino BEAUTY


Harriet The Spy starlet Jennifer Stone posing with a daring new style at ‘Tarina Tarantino Beauty’ Cosmetic Collection Launch Party at Sephora in Hollywood on Feb. 24. PR Photos. Harriet The Spy promo picture HERE and set pix HERE.

  • Kelly

    But her hair looks so different!
    I am not sure if i like it or not…
    its so shiny though

  • musicmylife1993

    She looks beautiful :]

    But i dont liek the bangs,.too short.

  • bbygirl.

    she looks gorgeous,
    but that dress is horrible.

  • xoxo

    she is gorrrrrrrgeous but this hair isn’t working

  • Anonymous

    She looks like Katy Perry with those bangs! I love them both, Katy and Jen!

  • Anonymous

    EW, she’s ugly.

  • Anonymous



    She’s been looking better and better lately <3

  • Jonas88

    not liking the fringe :/

  • Anonymous

    Shes gorgeousss! I love her.
    But the bangs arent working for her

  • Emmaxx

    She looks so gorgeous!

  • Kelly

    Oh my gosh.
    She is going to be in Harriet the Spy?
    It was one of my first favourite books, ever!
    Ah, memories. I am sure she will do very well in it, does anyone know what part she plays?

  • Anonymous

    Probably the best I’ve ever seen her look.

  • Anonymous

    she lost weight…

  • ilovemusic

    She kinda reminds me of the mom from The Secret Life, lmao.

  • Chelsea-Rose

    I love Jen! I love her hair colour, but maybe the bangs are a little too short. Oh well.
    My favourite Disney girl.

  • Rayne_A

    Awe she looks so pretty, Im happy for her. I feel like she never gets anything.

  • Anonymous
  • Anonymous1432

    she looks absolutely gorgeous <3 she doesn’t seem to get enough recognition a lot of times i believe, but anyway i love her hair, her dress and her makeup… so pretty much everything. lol

  • emmbugg

    omg! i love her hair colour!!!!
    That’s the colour i want to die my hair!

  • Anonymous
  • Beautiful.Dirty.Rich

    She looks really good! :)

  • Anonymous1432

    o so it turns out i also love her shoes and her jewelry and her purse, lol. actually i even like the color her nails are painted… so i stand by my first comment tht she looks gorgeous <3 haha. i shouldve just left it at tht i guess.

  • Anonymous

    she looks so pretty! wizards always has her in crazy costumes — she always looks great dressed up for events!

  • Anonymous

    who ever said shes ugly can go to hell!
    she is gorgeous! =]

  • Brenda giiiiirrrrllll

    She’s Harriet

  • Tori

    to be honest, I never really thought she was pretty….until now. MAN ! you clean up good, girl (:
    never looked more beautiful

  • fefa

    she looks so gorgeous here
    and yeah her style is way better now

  • Sonny

    Wowww! She looks different!!

  • Anonymous

    She’s so fucking ugly eww

  • none

    You’re going to have to fight me for her. I love Jennifer so much! Her beauty is so breathtaking! Believe me, I would be a great husband for her!

  • CxBella

    she looks beautiful!
    i love Jen : )

  • Anonymous

    She’s got such a pretty face. Gorgeous. Now all she’s gotta do is lose that extra weight and she’ll be perfect!!! shes fat but pretty

  • aly

    She’s one of my favorites. I love her size <3

  • X3X3PaperheartsX3



  • Anonymous

    oceanup is a fraud! everything was copied to!

  • :):)

    She’s looking amazing lately, there’s no denying that.

  • musiciseverything

    Beautiful. =]

  • Brenda giiiiirrrrllll

    She’s been looking a lot prettier lately. She’s not ugly, but she’s always been very average, lately she’s been rocking what she’s got and I’m loving the hair and the eye makeup. A+ for Jennifer! :)
    Also I like her dress

  • Anonymous

    she’s gorgeous alot prettier than selena imo. I’m not a flamer, I am a selena fan and I do think she is cute but jen is just prettier.

  • Diamondback

    They made her look like a lion :)

  • DinoGirl

    Her makeup is gorgeous. (Jealous of her eyebrows) <3
    But her hair?
    …..Young Peggy Bundy.

  • Anonymous

    I like the hair.
    I know she has lost a lot of weight, but the bangs to help trim out her face.

  • Anonymous

    “Shes” not fat. That would be Nikki Blonsky and Vincent D’Onorfio (whatever his name is; not a fan of his show). You best be careful you don’t apply this incorrect body perception to yourself.

  • island.B

    She looks so pretty but her bangs are a little too short.Her make up is amazing.

  • Anonymous

    she acts like she all that but no she is not someone told me if the season ends its because she hate the cast wow she is fat

  • Anonymous

    i mean the show

  • Anonymous

    I’m pretty sure you got women pegged wrong if you believe you can make assertions like that.

  • demiashleymiley

    wow she looks pretty no lie
    she looks way better then before

  • Anonymous

    the bitch finally got a stylist.

  • Anonymous

    She looks gorgeous. Love the new hairdo.

  • rr

    I love these pictures of Jennifer Stone. She is so sexy and beautiful. I want to be her boyfriend so bad and make her happy for the rest of her life.

  • aaliyahnoelle

    i like this look. once the bangs grow in, the hair will look even better

  • - Blair Waldorf -

    I hate her new hairstyle.

  • S.l.u.t.t.y Cyrus

    She looks better i do!
    i hate my spaghetti legs!
    I have no a.s.s and no t.i.t.s :(
    Chipmunk face spaghetti cyrus!

  • Kelly

    She’s lost loads of weight.
    She looks amazing.
    Keep it up, Jen :D I’m proud of you and your accomplishments.

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  • Anonymous

    First fucking comment

  • Anonymous

    She is gorgeous.

  • Anonymous

    WOW she looks beautiful. I really hope she keeps her curves. She is beautiful just as she is :)

  • Anonymous

    She is gorgeous. <3

  • Anonymous

    She’s cute.. i wouldn’t have picked that dress though.

  • Lauren.

    Jennifer’s so beautiful! She always has been in my opinion… she’s GORGEOUS here. I love her hair.

  • Anonymous

    she’s cute

  • Anonymous

    She looks so pretty , but that dress is sooo….. ugly :/

  • Mareike

    LOVE her, she look GORGEOUS but I don’t like the dress :| I do like her hair tho <3

  • Anonymous

    hate her

  • OceanUpSUX

    Omg, now that’s beauty!! She-is-gorgeous!! I don’t know why Slutina Hoemez always gets all the attention (Sorry that sounded really harsh :P) I mean, forget the dress, forget anything bad about the pose, just look at her…!! She is terrific. Now I can say honestly that THIS is beauty, not anorixic-body girl and perfect green/blue eyes type of girls… :D

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    she’s cool I like her

  • Anonymous


  • Dumaaa ?

    She looks gorgeous! <3