Zac Efron and young cancer survivor Emily Hobson give cancer the bird! Nearly 70,000 Americans in their teens, 20s and 30s are diagnosed each year. This not OK and it’s time their voices were heard.

The I’m Too Young For This! Cancer Foundation is the nation’s leading grassroots advocate for the next generation of survivors and caregivers. We are the voice of young adults affected by cancer and exist solely to fill a void no other organization does.

Wear the band, give cancer the bird and know that 100% of your purchase goes directly to helping survivors regain their dignity and live their lives. This is generation cancer. It’s our time. It’s about time. Take action and learn more at

  • Anonymousgettingreallysickofthis

    you people talking about how bad it is to stick up a middle finger need help. it’s a finger. it only has as much power as you allow it. just like curse words, slurs, racial bigotry… it’s all made up by us. it only has power if you allow it to. this case especially is for a good cause and at first i was like… wow thats abrupt. but honestly people, in today’s world things need to be abrupt for idiots to pay attention. and this is a matter worth paying attention to. so get over it. and support the cause.

  • TikTokOnTheClock

    Oh please. What is so bad about his finger?
    He’s right. So many people die every year of cancer, so please.
    It’s nice, that he’s fighting against cancer.

  • Anonymous

    “Getting really sick of this” has an interesting comment.
    But your ‘power of intellect’ leaves out a crucial feature…

    The same has been said about the N word, referring to the ‘power you give it.’ Most things (not all, but most) that need context to justify… and this is a good rule of thumb…usually can be pulled out of context and found offensive…

    Frankly, I’d prefer to think that we don’t have to always take a “shock and awe” approach to messages. If we’re using that philosophy let’s put Ann Coulter and Howard Stern in charge of all PSAs.

  • Cesi.

    This is an awesome idea. I bet it makes them laugh and it’s always good to see them fighting.

  • TikTokOnTheClock

    Is my new icon showing up? :D

  • ET

    LMAO. I love him so much.

  • Crystal

    Come on guys there doing this to get people’s attention. I mean if a house if on fire. And you go up to someone and say “Hey dude that house is o fire.” That’s not really gonna do anything. But if you stand in the middle of the street and scream “FIRE!!!!!!!” People are gonna look. Same thing if you just walk by people and go “Support Cancer” Some people might be like “Okay Sure” but most people will probably just nod their head. But if you stand there and hold up the finger people are come over and look at you ad when you have their attention, you can explain to them that “Giving Cancer the bird” isn’t about being disrespectful it’s about empowering people and essentially saying “I’m fighting Cancer and I’m gonna kick it’s butt.” And if people don’t want to take part in it because of this seemingly derogatory gesture then what does it say about our society when someone holding up the middle finger is more important that somebody dying from Cancer?

  • Anonymous

    @ilovemusic well to be fair don’t you think cancer’s just a tad disrespectful?!!! Exactly.

  • ilovemusic

    @ilovemusic well to be fair don’t you think cancer’s just a tad disrespectful?!!! Exactly.

    Yeah, of course I do, but I just don’t think sticking up the middle finger is right. Just my opinion.

  • Liz

    I agree with you. I get that its supposed to be a more “fun” way to say “Go away, we can stand up against you” to cancer, but I can only imagine how young some of the patients with cancer that this is suposed to be reching are, and I don’t think they need “birds” to help make it strong.
    Just put Zac in there-90% of the <18 age group will already be enticed

  • LoveHate

    Why must people stick up the middle finger? It’s so disrespectful :|

    It’s not being disrespectful, they are just sticking their middle finger up at Cancer. Is that wrong?

  • Anonymous

    penn state students raised over 7.83 million dollars for pediatric cancer. thon saves lives. ftk always and forever :)


    Love him and I think was funny and a GOOD ideia I REALLY think, parents can like this my mom lol about this btw

  • serena

    Haha he’s such a badass. I love him. :)

  • Robert Little

    The I’m Too Young For This! Cancer Foundation is for people in there 20’s and 30’s so i think it completely reasonable. Go Zac.

  • oxoemmaoxo

    no comment

  • Anonymous

    I’m glad he is sticking up for this!

    P.S that’s his cousin

  • Shahd

    LOL XD _l_ cancer

  • Sonny

    I hate when people put up the middle finger, but for this cause I thinks it’s really funny (good)! :)

  • lalalalea


  • niuigf

    omg how dare zac stick up his middle finger to cancer! what did cancer ever do to him?!

    (please note my sarcasm..)

  • santreche

    he is soooo bad ass now.-.-

  • sexylady

    he is the best. seriously.

  • TikTokOnTheClock

    He is so f. hot.
    Oh my God. :D

  • Anonymous

    kaycee forevvvaaaa

  • purplekoolaid

    Yeah, of course I do, but I just don’t think sticking up the middle finger is right. Just my opinion.
    Are you guys nuns or something? I mean everyone’s entitled to their opinion but it’s just meant to be a fun way to get people younger people involved in the fight against cancer.

    Besides its a finger. It’s not like they whipped their genitals out or something hahahaha. How offensive can it be?

  • BUBLE.

    FFFFUU cancer.

  • Mareike

    I LOVE him <3

  • loser

    really? do you realize why they are doing it? it’s not disrespectful when you are essentially saying “FUCK YOU CANCER, I WILL BEAT YOU AND I WILL WIN”

    you are an inconsiderate selfish moron. think about what you say in regards to people’s ‘general idiocy’ as it applies to the cause before you make assumptions.

  • ilovemusic

    Why must people stick up the middle finger? It’s so disrespectful :|

  • to ilovemusic

    being disrespectful to CANCER.(did you read this?) i think its ok to give the finger to something thats killing you.

  • Anonymous

    haha this is mint.
    fuck cancer indeed.

  • heyyyy

    He’s so lovely I like him

  • harrylove

    hate him

  • Cheapbracelets.

    Some of you sound so uptight.

    Exactly who is it disrespectful to?

    It’s just a dumb little gesture. You guys act like it’s the end of the world.

  • StupidCancer

    Thank you so much for posting about i[2]y! It’s great that people all over the world get the importance of the cause. If you’re interested in learning more or volunteering please feel free to drop me an e-mail at Thanks so much again! Anna (i[2]y volunteer and young adult survivor)

  • StupidCancer

    Hope you found the bracelets here:

    If you’re interested in learning more or volunteering please feel free to drop me an e-mail at Thanks so much again! Anna (i[2]y volunteer and young adult survivor)

  • StupidCancer

    Hey everyone,

    Those of you who are supporters, thanks so much! It’s so important to have survivors, non-survivors, and people of all ages who get the cause. Those of you don’t get it, check out the website ( and take it from a survivor – it’s a great cause. Anyone please feel free to get in touch with me at Thanks everyone for your feedback, and sorry for the repetitive comments! -Anna (i[2]y volunteer and young adult survivor)



  • aly

    lol @ all the disney teenies getting upset.

    sure there’s a better way to do it. But, he’s there helping the cause.
    Was it even his idea?
    was he like, “hey guys, I have an idea, we should all just stick our middle fingers and say ‘fuuuuuu cancer'”.

    SERIOUSLY? -.-

  • Robert Little

    U can get these bracelets at this one is not the “family friendly” bracelet this was has the middle finger on it and there is also a “family friendly” one. They sale 10 for $9.99 get it for you and mass it to family and friends to spread the world.

  • Anonymous

    why da efff are they giving me the middle finger?
    lmaao naaawww im just kiddinggg.
    i lost my godmother to cancer, it was really devastating :(
    i miss her :(

  • KeepCalmAndCarryOn

    Guys. Zac Efron is no longer considered a Disney role-model. He is no longer working with the Disney Channel. So therefore, it is children’s parent’s fault for allowing Zac Efron to be a “role-model” in kids’ lives. Personally, I think celebrities should be able to do what they want, good example or not. They have lives, too. It’s not their job to be a good example for you’re children, it’s the PARENTS job to do so. A celebrities job is to entertain. Take Miley Cyrus for example. I <3 her. She’s not a great example for kids. Get over it.

  • KeepCalmAndCarryOn

    You’re icon is shmeexxiii. <3 Oli Sykes… :p



  • bluemonday

    This is such a random and awesome way to raise money for cancer. Where can you buy one of those bands? Imma get one! :D

  • Cheapbracelets.

    I lalalalove your icon! <3

  • miley


  • Serenity.

    I will marry him.

  • Anonymous

    This is amazing.
    Zac is so funny(:
    It’s cute that they even did this. :D

  • fefa

    i think it’s a good idea
    zac efron is the best! i love him so much

  • Anonymous

    What the hell? Lol, is this gonna be like…on commercials? They blur it out on shows and magazines so how are they gonna advertise this?

  • Anonymous

    He invited us into the hotel room, go on his oceanup page it’sprob like page 2-4

  • Timber518

    I don’t get the point of this. There are a ton of ways to help, but what does “Giving cancer the bird” do?

    I love Zac but they could’ve went about this a different way I think…

  • Anonymous

    Did you even bother to visit and understand where this even started? It’s so much more than just the picture, which is sad because they cropped out the URL. Don’t be a hater.

  • Notion

    Could this be that I am first? :)

  • Notion

    YAYY!! At 2 posts at the same time. cool beans =]]

  • SlippinIntoTheLava x3

    Looool. Love him.

  • SlippinIntoTheLava x3

    The girl kinda looks like a bald version of Jennifer Stone.

  • Chelsea-Rose

    LOLOL. A good idea :)

  • Anonymous

    I love Zac….

  • Anonymous

    vanessa is a lucky bitch


    I kinda agree with ilovemusic,
    Cancer is terrible,
    but I think there is a better way of showing you’re against it
    Idk… that’s just me :/
    But iluhhh you Zac!

  • Lo

    Are some of you seriously complaining that he’s flipping the camera off? Grow up.

  • Kelsey

    YEAH, because a good rolemodel wouldn’t do that. Zac Efron is a jackass, seriously.

  • fall out boyy

    calm down
    let him do what he wants
    i don’t care if you think its disrespectful and they probably dont either
    fuck cancer

  • Jeanette

    I Love Zac

  • Anonymous

    Cancer isn’t right and neither is sticking up your middle finger…I’m just going to do what I always did for sticking up against Cancer….but Crystal is right, this is going to get people’s attention.

    Hope they find a cure to cancer really soon. InshAllah

  • Giovanna_JonasGomezLovatoCyrus


  • fall out boyy

    oh my god honestly
    shut the fuck up
    how old are you 10?
    he is not a jackass considering that fact that he is visiting cancer patients and is supporting an important cause