Lucy Hale‘s new ABC Family show ‘Pretty Little Liars‘ follows four estranged best friends who are reunited a year after the leader of their clique goes missing, only to realize that they’re all receiving anonymous messages from someone who knows all their secrets. Credit: PrettyLittleLiarsWeb.

  • Samantha

    Yes!! I LOVE this series! I’m on Killer right now! Cannot wait for this series! Hopefully they dont screw it up! haha :]

  • Anonymous

    Eh… Ezra looks nothing like I imagined. :/ But I still will watch it :D

  • Anonymous

    it does sound like gossip girl alot..

    i mean gossip girl knows all the news, and spreads the gossip through text..

  • Anonymous

    I loved the books
    but appart from the blond girl the cast kinda sucks :(
    not how i imagined them at all
    it’s kinda spoiled it for me a little :/

  • Nana

    Actually, I think it’s more like a younger Desperate Housewives than GG.
    I’m excited for this. But disappointed in the casting.

  • _Moohn

    I have the booooks! I love them! I wish it’ll come out here in Holland! I’m reading part 1 again at this moment. :D

  • _Tiger_

    She is pretty. :)

  • kookykatie123

    OMFG YES!!!!!!!

  • coolchloe

    I am in LOVE with the books, I started reading these books in the beginning of the year and now I can not wait for Wanted. It comes out in June. Lucy Hale can’t act and the show will suck but I still love the books and so does my friends. Ezra in the show looks so ugly.

  • Anonymous

    I loved all the Books. I can’t wait to see this! I hope the tv show is as good as the books! =)

  • not_soibt

    GG pwns
    but this show seems completely different.

  • I Hate Lucy Hale

    Ewwww…. Hate Lucy Hale that dumb whore

  • randomstar

    the books are really good and addicting i think a show will mess it up

  • Anonymous

    HOLY SHIT! FUCK YEAAAHHH! I LOVE THESE SERIES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!<3333333 hehe sorry a little over excited…….

  • Anonymous

    my favorite series ever. honestly, they’re amazing! i cant wait for this show :D

  • Foo.

    Sounds like gossip girl

  • Anonymous

    i LOVED the books!!!!!! i’ll prob just watch it online though………….. :P and p.s. she kinda annoys me! just something about her just doesn’t feel right to me!!!! just like chole bridges!!!!!!!! she REALLY urks me!!!! weird……………………………

  • Anonymous

    I READ LIKE ALL IN ONE NIGHT!!! NOT BORING AT ALL!!! U SHUD ALL WATCH NO JOKE!! AHHH! sorry, im just so excited!!!

  • Anonymous

    reminds me of sorortiy row or something like that.

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    LOL, your first assumption about strangers is that they are whores? *shakes head*

  • Anonymous

    There will be people that will feel all different ways. We’ll see how the majority of outspoken fans feel . . .

  • Anonymous

    YAY! i can’t wait. i really hope they don’t murder the book series.

  • lalala

    wow, these books are like my favorite things in the world, i really hope they do the series justice and make it really good like it is in the books! :)

  • Anna

    i loveee this series :) what part is lucy hale playing?

  • Anonymous


  • Blah

    THESE BOOKS ARE LIKE, FRIGGEN AWESOME! I just finished the fifth book last night. Now I need 2 more. :) I also got my friend interested in them, and I CANNOT wait untill June! WHO THE HELL IS A!? LOL

  • Anonymous

    Feb 28, 2010 @ 11:35 am
    Anonymous said:

    it does sound like gossip girl alot..

    i mean gossip girl knows all the news, and spreads the gossip through text..


    trust me, its nothing like gossip girl. its creepier and sort of like a mystery.

  • island.B

    Sounds very looking for a new show to watch now since everything else sucks so maybe it will be this :)

  • Anonymous

    omg i effing read the book and LOVED it but idk if a SERIES is gonna good maybe a MOVIE

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    I CAN’T WAIT. i loved the books! i have all of them up to Heartless. :) Sara Shepard is an amazing author. but i don’t think she fits as Aria. :\ i imagined Aria a little different. :p but anyway, i am so looking forward to the show. :D

    PLL FOR LIFE. <3

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

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  • MaryMary

    I am so disappointes by the cast.
    Lucy/Aria is the only one that is ok.

    Emily is supposed to be pale with red hair, not black.
    Spencer is supposed to be prettier than that.
    And i think Hannah is a brunette (her doll is a brunette on the cover).

    I don’t want to see this show anymore.

  • xostephxo176

    omg yes! this is my favorite series ever… it is even better than twilight!! if you haven’t read them… you should!!! they are great. can not wait for this show!! AHAHHAHAHAHAHA

  • Anonymous

    loveee the books:}
    cant wait for the show!

  • CupcakezLover

    She’s pretty. I probably won’t watch this show though.

  • Anonymous

    omg i absolutley cannot wait for this show! i loveddd the books and i am so excited!

  • Anonymous

    The books were AMAZING! I’ve read them since the first and cant wait for the final. I probably will HATE the show, because in the book its 3 years before and Hannah (Ashley Benson’s character) is supposed to be overweight, and have an eating problem. They’re changing ALOT of it, and that is why I’ll probably hate the show.

  • Anonymous

    Is this the girl Selena hated and David dated? I wnt to watch this show though

  • Anonymous

    Selena didn’t hate her and Lucy said they didn’t hate each other? Yeah, this is David’s ex. It must suck having it brought up time and time again.

  • musiciseverything

    Sounds interesting. I’ll watch it.

  • Anonymous

    Omg it is. You should read it first, though, because you know, the TV show or movie is never as good as the book, but make sure to read 1 first. My mom got me the third. :|

  • lyndsey

    OMG can’t wait I’ve read all the books and they are super good… Can’t wait

  • Anonymous

    aria and hanna are perfect. same with ezra.
    but spencer and emily don’t fit it at all!

  • Kelly

    She’s really pretty :D
    I’ve only read one of the books, it sounds really interesting though.

  • Anonymous

    Lucy hale does so many shows. She needs to start doing films lol