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Nick Jonas, ‘I Wouldn’t Change For A Girl’


Nick Jonas chatted with Popstar! about his music, life and love. On releasing his solo music: ‘I think I was just trying to be myself. I was a little less concerned about where it would be placed on shelves. I just wnated to make the record I wanted to make firs tand worry about the rest later.’

On his song ‘Last Time Around': ‘Well, the story in the song is you show up in this place and you see someone who’s kind of changed their look. And they’ve changed everything about themselves, whether it’s because they’ve become more confident or they’ve come into their own, whatever it is. And you see them and introduce yourself and don’t realize that you’ve already met them. It’s like, let’s get back to that. Let’s get back to tath moment where ‘you hair was long and the grass was greener.‘ Is Nick speaking in riddles or is it about Selena or Miley?

On his future: ‘It’s going to be a good year for all of us. We all have a lot of things in our hearts. I think that so far everything I experienced with this side project has been positive. And Joe has some movies he’s looking to do and obviously Kevin has his new adventures.. We’ll learn a lot.’

When asked if Nick has or would ever changed anything about himself for a girl, he said:No. I can’t I don’t know how to do that.’ On his passion: Right now it’s just sort of all about this music experience for me and a lot of things fall second to that. It’s just what I’m passionate about. It’s about surrounding myself with people who understand that that’s what’s important to me.’ Aww poor Nelena. On writing: ‘Surprisingly, I’ve written a lot of songs on planes. Everyone else falls asleep and I just sit there with music in my head.’ Fame.


Chloe Bridges, ‘I Almost Killed Nick Jonas!’


Chloe Bridges dished to Popstar! about how she might have almost killed Nick Jonas: ‘Nick and I were doing a scene for Camp Rock 2 early in the morning by the lake. It’s cold, it’s wet, I think it might have been raining.

We’re sitting on this mud basically, and at the end of the scene he’s supposed to get up and kind leave and go back into his canoe. Well, I’m supposed to rush him like, ‘Okay go! Leave! Leave!’ One take and um.. he fell in the lake!

There’s this dispute as to whether or not I pushed him. I don’t think I did, don’t think it was my fault, but I’m kind of haunted by the fact that I might have almost killed Nick Jonas!’


Liam, ‘Miley Cyrus’ New Music Is Amazing’


Liam Hemsworth chatted with ALLOY about his girlfriend Miley Ray Cyrus: Do you cook for Miley? My best recipe is meat pies. When we’re in Australia there are these macaroni and cheese pies that I’ve introduced Miley to. I’ve cooked those a few times for her. What’s your favorite of Miley’s songs?

She’s got a few new songs coming out that are really, really good. I can’t tell you the names, but her new stuff is amazing. Are YOU sad or happy that Miley is quitting music? Photo Credit: Touchstone Pictures.


Miley Cyrus Confesses To Stealing Chicks


Miley Ray Cyrus has confessed to stealing chickens from a California farm. Miley was visiting the farm with Billy Ray and Braison when they discovered that the chicks would be fed to snakes at a nearby zoo that evening:

‘They were gonna take the chickens and feed them to the snakes at the end of the night and my dad was like, ‘That’s the most awful thing I’ve ever heard. They pulled me and my little brother Braison aside, and he was like, ‘Put one in your pocket Miley, Braison put one in your pocket, and we’ll get outta here.’ So we’re like, ‘OK, dad said we can steal chickens.

So we, like, shoved them in our pockets and then we’d take them home to my mom.. We were staying at, like, the Four Seasons or something, so we had to put them in the bathtub.’ Then they had to get the birds back to their farm in Nashville, Tennessee:

‘My mom told, like, the flight attendant and everyone.. they were special birds and they couldn’t go underneath the plane. We kept them for a few years, but they had a natural death.. I’m gonna go to jail.’


Selena Gomez Fashion Designer Fabulous


Fashion designer Selena Gomez behind the scenes of designing at her new clothing line Dream Out Loud. Photos: StarTraks. Inspired by her own casual-cool style, Selena’s collection will include apparel, handbags, belts, scarves, hats, hair accessories, socks and hosiery when it launches @ Kmart in July.

In October Selena will add footwear: ‘I am proud to be able to join forces with Kmart to release my own fashion collection! This has been a dream of mine for as long as I can remember and I feel privileged to be able to give the consumer great product at a great value.’ Spain/ France Fan Meeting pictures from Mer, Sonia & Irena. Videos under! is also up now.