Chris Brown Whose That Girl Music Video

From 2003 when he was 13 or 14!

  • Anonymous

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  • Rnb

    I love Chris Brown’s songs. And in this video he is so cuteee :)


  • MulticolouredNinja

    13 or 14!?
    He looks wayyy older i expected to see some little kid lool

  • Anonymous

    Rihanna just can’t take a punch.
    Instigatin’, dirty-ass HOE.

  • Alex

    he looks exactly the same<3
    I guess people in america don’t understand that PEOPLE MAKE MISTAKES…HE’S HUMAN! like honestly you people need to get over it, it happened over a year ago, Rihanna forgave him so that’s means we all should. he knows he’s wrong for what he did.
    and honestly that was the first bad thing he has done
    like really? do you know how many people beat up other people in a day and even kill people? do you ever think of that? oh yeah he’s wrong or beating up a girl but people who murdered other people are in the music industry but we won’t talk abut that right? or what abou charlie sheen? he beat up his wife.. oh wait he’s white that doesn’t matter! let’s just brush thy off our shoulders too.
    people in america really need a reality check and look around you before you judge anyone elses mistakes.

  • demiLOVEatolovexoxx

    i hate himm for what he did.

  • Anonymous

    I remember this song!!! Used to play this song like hella times on my ipod. I always had a feeling there was a video for it since the song had a break down portion.

    This comes around after I stop being a huge fan of his. Haha

  • liunian
  • not_soibt

    This is random…
    Something told me to send this to oceanup to see if they would post it. Guess I didn’t have to. He was so cute, but he looks better now, and dances better :)

  • Anonymous

    Awwww best artist

  • Anonymous

    Sounds kinda like Justin bieber but justins voice is more clear and smooth.. Does that mean justins voice is gonna be even more better? :D

  • Anonymous

    he was so cute hahahaha

  • Anonymous

    idk why people keep bringing the fact that he beat rihanna did you ever hear shes in freemason? didnt you ever think she tried to put him down and thats why he beat her? think beyond.

  • emmbugg

    Sounds kinda like Justin bieber but justins voice is more clear and smooth.. Does that mean justins voice is gonna be even more better? :D
    um.. actually He does not sound like Justin Bieber..
    at least chris looks older and like a boy.. not a flipping baby girl.

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    No one on here knows what really happened. I’m not defending him or what he did, but people seriously need to get over it by now. Rihanna has and so do you.

  • Anonymous

    shut the fuck up bitch

  • Heather

    I bet he was an abuser back than also.

  • Your mother

    Pstttt… Eyy psttttt. *throws a bread crumb at the back of your head* PSTTTT…eyyy…SHUT UP.

    Awwww. Chris looks adorable. Lmao. He can barely dance in this video. Hahaha. Little Breezy <3

  • givexlivelove

    1st? (:

  • Likethesea

    He was soo cute! Lil Chris Brown, lol….but his voice is deff better now:D

    He was so cute and charming, and then he did the unthinkable…uggh I can’t think of him the same again.

    As long as he proves himself that he’s a changed man…..that all I’m saying:P

  • Anonymous

    he still looks exactly the same xD

  • Mercedes

    wow. ou, i can’t believe you finally posted some chris brown stuff.

    haha his teeth was jacked up back in the day!!

  • island.B

    My older sister use to be OBSESSED with him and i love this song <33

  • Chelsea-Rose

    I kinda feel bad for him. He lost it for one second, did something terrible, then lost his career.
    But then, I feel stupid and hate him again.

  • DemiandMileyPones

    I love this song! He is so adorable!

  • Anonymous

    yeah ok too bad u decide to start posting about him when we all know hes an ass now