Emma Watson People Tree Behind Scene

To celebrate launching delivery to USA, Canada, Australia and New Zealand People Tree releases a behind the scenes look at the People Tree, Love from Emma catalogue shoot. The full collection is at peopletree.co.uk.

  • Cesi.

    My God, I love her.

  • Celia

    I love her People Tree line. The clothes are fantastic. Emma is gorgeous and BRILLIANT! She just has such great energy. I love it! And her brother is SEXY…DAYUM!

  • Anonymous

    She’s absolute perfection.

  • Timber518

    I love her. She’s seems so smart. Lol! And she’s very pretty.

    I love all the people’s accents in the video. Haha!

  • Celia

    Did you know Sophie and Emma were roommates before Emma went off to Brown University? I think Sophie is one of Emma’s best friends.

  • Sarahhh

    love her. (:

  • Anonymous

    for the people who use to like miley…
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  • hannah

    I love emma. and yea. alex is pretty hot.

  • lauren

    grr sophie sumner from britains next top model was in that. i hate her soo much! love emma tho :D

  • HpotterForever

    Looks interesting. I love Emma Watson and I think she is horgeous and the only young girl actress I like. She is so down to earth and normal. Plus, she actually has talent unlike any of the Disney girls.

  • vanessa

    Her brother Alex was one of the boys in the video..hes starting his modeling career,hes soo goodlooking.

    Im gnna buy these clothes,theyre amazingg. & Emma is pretty and lovely :)

  • Anonymous

    I love Emma Watson. One of the only young stars to be doing something good, rather than being involved in a new scandal every other week.

    Good for her! :) (:

  • Anonymous


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  • Anonymous

    oooops, i meant first :)

  • KnightsOfCydonia


    Have Ou posted those new Miley last song promo pics?

  • i hate math

    4th! yeaaaaaah! i liked the shirt that said “don’t panic, it’s organic”

  • LoveLautner

    Ngl, not gonna watch it. Still love Emma Watson. :)

  • JonasGirl007

    Good for her.

  • oxoemmaoxo

    Looks boring.

  • Likethesea

    I like this collection…but the clothes look a little too bland for my taste.

  • Anonymous

    Awww one of the models is her old flatmate, Sophie who was on Britain’s Next Top Model.