Robert Pattinson THE TODAY SHOW NY


Robert Pattinson greeted his adoring fans who lined up at Rockefeller Center on March 1 to catch a glimpse of him appearing on The Today Show in NYC to promote ‘Remember Me’. Photos: Fame. Video under!

  • Anonymous

    I <3 ROBERT! (;

  • Anonymous

    For those who think that Rob is NOT absolutely gorgeous…what they don’t see, and we do, is his absolute honesty, sense of humor, self-deprecating wit and genuine smile. Seriously, if you met a man like that and he was even remotely good looking, wouldn’t you think he was amazing? Those who think Rob isn’t good-looking, are merely looking at the surface. We have the privilege of seeing much, much more about Rob. I must admit, I think he always looks his BEST when he is with Kristen. My heart swells when I see them together.


    I love this man <3

  • Anonymous

    ewh, rpatz.

  • Ally

    This comment board is dead. C’mon, its ROBERT :D ……?

    Alright then. He’s awesome though. Can’t wait to see Remember Me.

  • Andreiita

    Remember me its gonna be awesomeee!
    & I believe that Robert is a look messy lol. Sorry Rob, I still love you :)

  • Andreiita
  • linduhh

    The sparkly vampire…

  • - Blair Waldorf -

    ‘Remember Me’ looks really good.

  • Mercedes


  • Likethesea

    Remember me sounds awesome, so I’m deff going to check it out…but I do not find RPatz attractive at all, gosh would it kill him to look decent for ONCE!!??