Dakota Fanning Singing CHERRYBOMB

Dakota Fanning & Kristen Stewart singing Cherrybomb from The Runaways.

  • Delilah_Marie

    I really like this song. I LOVE Dakota but I think Taylor Momsen would have been a better Cherie Currie. :/ I don’t like Taylor but I mean..she would have been the better choice. I guess they didn’t want to deal with her bitchy attitude. xD

  • Anonymous

    Dayuum Dakota
    Good job!

    That’s awesome

  • Anonymous

    Not to mention Dakota could act circles around her..

  • Anonymous

    Whenever I see a picture of the runaways I think of Taylor Momsen, I don’t know why.

    im SO glad they chose dakota over taylor. Dakotas a quality actress and taylors a poser/wannabe courtney/cherie.
    Plus this is how cherie’s voice sounded when she first sang it at 15…not like a chain smoker like momsen.

  • Giovanna_JonasGomezLovatoCyrus

    She’s really good.

  • Anonymous

    That’s not Dakota and Kris singing.
    That’s the original song. They fixed the quality a bit, but that’s definitely the original.

  • Rubi Graham

    actually… cherries voice is very much like momsens.. and you have to admit that taylor would be great it that part… and why are you criticizing taylor just because she smokes!!! its her lungs.. not yours
    p.s cherrie currie did smoke when she started singing

  • Stacee

    FCKINGGGGG AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Dakota Fanning

    Thank you!!! =)

  • Mareike

    Don’t like that song, but she does have a good voice, hmm who knew

  • iMystified

    Anonymous said:

    Strawberries are better. Cherries SUCK.
    true dat :P

  • ;)

    They aren’t exactly singing more screaming but I like it hahaha.

  • Lala

    I don’t hear Kristen. What part does she sing?

  • Likethesea

    Damn, Dakota rocked this song out! Now I’m gonna be singing “hello daddy, hello mom Im your chchch-cherry bomb!” all day ;p

  • Anonymous

    Dakota is so unbelievably awesome. That said, the music of the Runaways is pretty unimpressive. I still don’t understand why a movie was made about them.

  • Yo.

    I wish people still made music like this, it so awesome. well, i guess theres always taylor momsen.

  • Anonymous

    Oh the 80s….

    Either you love it or yo feel embarrassed by liking it.


    It’s ok, but songs from the 80s aren’t that difficult to sing, you just have to talk/scream.That’s why everyone liked them, who doesn’t love screaming?

  • Anonymous

    Well the only thing good about the runaways was joan jett…

    Going solo was her best choice.. I love rock n roll, so put another dime in the jukebox baby!

    I think cherrybomb was their only hit as a group, while joan had plenty of good rock songs.

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymlala

    70’s, not 80’s :P

  • Anonymous

    ch-ch-ch-ch-cherry bomb!

  • alyshamarie

    wow its good; but it doesn’t sound like her at all.

  • Anonymous

    Whenever I see a picture of the runaways I think of Taylor Momsen, I don’t know why.

  • Anonymous

    Hmmm..not bad…Joan Jett is bi, like me, since I am free I will see this movie….cherries jubilee…..lol

    Ms. N

  • Anonymous

    Gahh i love the original, and this sounds almost exact.

    I can’t wait for the movie.

  • Anonymous

    I love this song….even though i like the original better dakota did a pretty great job!

  • Tashahahaha

    Wow I really liked this version.
    Dakotas got quite a good voice, her voice sounds nothing like she looks though, if you get me.

  • Anonymous

    this song is cool! i love it. i never wanted to see this movie but now i think i will

  • Anonymous

    Disgrace to the runaways….

  • Anonymous

    Oh wow is this seriously them singing? It’s so good if it’s them!

  • Anonymous

    they suck crack.

  • Anonymous

    so awesome!!! NOTHING beats the original lOOOOOOOVEEE ME SOME JOAN JETT!!!

  • Anonymous

    The hilarious thing is she sounds better than the original which is probably my least favorite song ever.

    “Mah Boo releasing his inner cunt is my porn.” MK

  • gigers

    sorry buttt, nothing could ever top the original runaways ;)
    nice try though.
    and it wasnt the 80s, you idiot girls know nothing about music.

    goshh, i hate it when people comment
    on things when they have no idea who the
    ORIGINAL runaways were.
    youtube it fangirlsss.

  • Anonymlala

    I like it though… it doesn’t sound like the original and she don’t sound like Cherie alot, but it’s still good! Lots of attitude!

  • peacelove

    am i the only person who has never heard of this song and “the original”??????? Because to me that sounded like crap. I wasn’t meant to be alive in the 80’s. This is not my type of music.

  • Anonymous

    Rock and roll is a giant hoax. It’s the most overrated music genre of all.

  • Rubi Graham

    I like it… even if Dakotas voice isn’t as rough as Cherries its definitely better than what I expected

  • Anonymous

    first cool

  • Anonymous

    second? or third?

  • RiseAboveTheStorm

    its okk

  • santreche

    i couldnt listen to the rest….oh well. still like the song. =]

  • iheartnelenax

    Does Kristen even sing in it?

  • Anonymous

    Strawberries are better. Cherries SUCK.

  • Moonbeam

    Is that Dakota singing? Her voice is good.

  • Anonymous

    wow. they’re good

  • John

    Dakota Fanning rocks and this is proof! I love her! <3

  • Anonymous

    just because they say it’s dakota doesn’t mean it is. that voice sounds absolutely nothing like her, and since she is talking and screaming and not just singing, you can tell it’s not. it sounds more like kristen then dakota, but i highly doubt it’s either.

  • Be3

    Ok I’m big enough to admit when I’m wrong! It is Dakota! It sounds so close to the original, I’m very impressed. fantastic job Dakota

  • Be3

    it’s not Dakota, it’s original song!

  • Mercedes

    Wow. it sounds really close to the original. it doesn’t sound like kristen or dakota at all. i like it.

  • Anonymous


  • itsmeeeexx

    This song is weird.

  • Anonymous

    Yo. said:

    I wish people still made music like this, it so awesome. well, i guess theres always taylor momsen.


    I know, eh?
    I’d listen to more popular artists if people sang this kind of music!
    Mabye this movie will inspire people to sing music like this. (:

  • Anonymous

    LOL, I saw the preview for this for the first time and they were totally mooching off the fact it had Dakota and Kristen. So much that not even Twilight fans would care, lol.