• bojo

    More like “Justin Wigger”

  • syngates

    hmm, these pics are from like lastt monthh right???
    bauahahaa.. istill cant fuckin believe this 12 year old looking child is older then i am…

  • Anonymous

    justin boober is oogly

  • Anonymous

    He’s kidding right? He even looks worse.

  • island.B

    Awhh baby Biebs looks SO cute :)

  • lovemegan

    Oh, so these were from just the other day.

    Got it.

  • Anonymous

    wow he has always looked like a douchebag

  • _herecomestrouble.

    age has done him well… (:

  • merissa99

    awwww so cute!!! <3

  • Anonymous says hey

    awwwww he looked adorable especially the baby one <3 awwwww

  • Anonymous

    totally true!!!!!!

  • Anonymous

    awesome pics. cutest guy alive;)

  • Anonymous

    oh.. so he’s always been fugly.

  • Anonymous

    Anonymous said:
    young pictures aka taken one month ago

    common, he’s a KID!
    lol i agree he looks the same
    and thats not a good thing
    im not a hater but jesus this kid is such a fag

  • jillylovesyou648

    HAHAHAHAHA! agreed.

  • Anonymous

    Soo now we know Justin Beaver….has always been an ugly douche bag!!!!!

  • SevaL

    OH EHM GEE!! He absolutely looks like a guy of my class on that pics!!

  • jaimie lee

    jst cute

  • Anonymous

    young pictures aka taken one month ago

    common, he’s a KID!

  • SonniMonroe

    The first one, just, no. I’m sorry.

  • Anonymous
  • None of your business

    EWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW he is even grosser looking than he is now and he still is really fugly

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    I Love Him Hes Amazin :O x

  • Just Me :)

    One word: EW!!!!

  • doesitmatter?

    hey,stop it..
    I’m not a fan, but he looks so damn cute !!
    especially this http://oceanup.com/sites/default/files/imagecache/zoom/gallery/justin-bieber-baby-pictures%20(7).jpg
    awww .. how could anyone think that this thing is ugly !!
    is that his dad ?
    i hope he doesn’t get effected by those r&b singers :/

  • kat


  • Anonymous

    Awww, he used to be so cute!

  • Anonymous

    baby pic, AWWWWW!!!

  • sushii

    the baby picture is quite adorable!

  • Anonymous

    he was cute as a baby and he is sooo hot now!!! the years reallly did him good! ily justin!!! ?

  • MrsDarceyBieber

    He look’s so cute!

  • MissEmilyBieberx

    He’s beautiful! <3

  • Anonymous

    Look at this closely

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  • Anonymous

    i <3 justin 4 eva hes mine so back off

  • cool girl

    omg he looks ugly but now he is so hot in sexy like never befor.

  • paige!!

    he is so hott and will always be hot even in baby form!!!! ily justin!!

  • Anonymous

    ily justin!!!!!!!!

  • Anonymous

    justin biber is a mad rig

  • justin biebers number one fan.(:

    he was hot in them pictures i think he will always be hot…nothing can make him ugly..stop hating on him you are just jealous he is hotter then you..okay thank you and have a nice day.(:

  • #1girl

    still hottest guy on earth looooooooove him i would do anything to see him

  • JB’s biggest fan.(:

    STOP hating on him…if you dont like him then why are you looking him up..it is retarded…jb is amazing and no one compare to him..leave him alone…there is nothing wrong with him..got it thank you and bye.(:

  • JB’s biggest fan.(:

    STOP hating on him…there is nothing wrong with him…i agree with you justin biebers number one fan people only talk about him because they are jealous and they have nothing else to talk about…but they should know that it dont bother justin when they talk about him…soo stop wasting your breath your not getting no where talking about jb.

  • Anonymous

    woah justin is smokin sexy!

  • justina

    justin is smokin hot!

  • taylor s.

    stop hatin on him because he look better than you. thank you and good bye.

  • Anonymous

    He looks like Justin Timberlake
    with blonde hair haah, just saying! ;P lol.

  • Anonymous

    yup hes so buetiful and gorges

  • Anonymous

    jusin is so ugly why do girls even lyk hm hes freakin fugly

  • Anonymous

    jusin is so ugly why do girls even lyk hm hes freakin fugly

  • GirlOverThere

    aawwwwww!:D soo cute… x

  • Sonny

    AHhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! Ewww, eeep. Thank God he grew his hair out! :\

  • Amber <3

    OMG!! He is sooooo HOT!! I’m his #1 fan EVER!!!! =] -aMbEr??

  • Anonymous

    he was so ugly!!!!!! well hes stil being ugly!!!!! hahaha

  • secretagentpperson(:

    hes suuch a cute little baby!!
    first picture makes me rofl though
    and guys who can only comment in insults,
    apperently you dont like him so why are you looking at the pictures and commenting?

  • - Blair Waldorf -

    He looks so adorable.
    But the blond ones’ just creep me out. :P

  • Anonymous

    i love you jjusting beiber i would do anything to meet you… i lovee you sooo much..!!

  • Anonymous

    justin ^^^ sory

  • cindy92xo


  • Peson

    Very cute ;)

  • Anonymous

    ewwwwwwwww he looks worse

  • Anonymous

    stop hatin on him because he look better than you so gone please do.

  • alynaa

    Dont be mean but first pic
    really makes me LOL .

  • Anonymous

    Im sorry but those arent cute…he looks like a mini aaron carter…gross

  • MaryMary

    I can’t stop laughing.

  • silvia :D

    awww! so cutie :D
    i love him

  • OMGimajoehoe

    Let’s just say he looks A LOT better now.=]