Victoria Justice VOCAL LESSON

  • shamilah

    sh is really pretty & her voice is AMazing!

  • Mareike

    love Selena and don’t really like Victoria, but let’s be honest, Victoria sings waaaay better than Selena… then again, most people do…

  • Chelsea-Rose

    Victoria is so pretty! And she’s got a good voice on her! Nice :)

  • Anonymous

    Wow she’s gorgeous :O
    and I must say she’s actually got a good voice.

  • annnnn

    nick kids have way more talent than disney kids yet they get no credit thats crazy!
    like victoria, keke, jennie, and a bunch of other people acually can sing but some of their acting is bad lol but they do have incredible voices

  • Cassie

    OMG, she’s so awesome! she’s stunning in sweats and barely any makeup, so real I LOVE HER!!!! “Victorious” need to air already…..Wpw she can really sing… who knew

  • Anonymous

    SHE IS the new SELENA


  • oxoemmaoxo

    I got spammed for saying ”she’s really pretty”.

    Fuck you oceanup.

  • XsparksflyX

    NOW we’re talking. thats what I call a good voice! as soon as victorias star will rise, selenas will fall. and our ears can live in peace again :)

  • Anonymous
  • Stephanie

    Lovee Herr :) she’s gonna go far.. Didn’t know she sang that good. Can’t wait for her new show!

  • ;)

    This makes me actually look forward to her show. She’ll be singing a lot on her show :)

  • - Blair Waldorf -

    She’s really pretty.

  • :D

    WOW, shes actually a decent singer! why doesnt she have an album out yet? oh yeah, its cos shes not a disney product right?

    I think she actually has a record deal already. I could be wrong though. I’m sure Victorious will have a soundtrack though, if not.

  • Likethesea

    Victoria is so pretty, and she actually has a good voice hmm…when is her show coming out?

  • ;)

    Victoria is so pretty and she has a good voice…when is her show coming out?

    It airs right after the Kid’s Choice Awards.

  • Likethesea

    Victoria is so pretty and she has a good voice…when is her show coming out?

    It airs right after the Kid’s Choice Awards.
    Got it, thanks:)

  • Brittnee

    I Love Vivtoria Justice. I miss in this show Zoey 101. She is a outstanding actress. I think she sang very well compare to Selena Gomez. I really think Victoria should have a ablum deal for sure.I would buy her CDS. You Rocx Vitoria and I will watch your show for sure.

  • …???….

    Even though she has a pretty decent voice I don’t think her music will sell good..

  • twycgnb

    hmm tbh she hasn’t got an amazing voice, but its not bad, and she is a lot better than Selena.

    But singing a Lady Gaga song ?
    That’s a no, because it is never going to be close to the high Lady Gaga standard.

  • vanessa

    She is super gorgeous & her voice is lovely!

  • Anonymous

    She’s the total package: looks, personality and talent. Go Victoria!
    Yeah, too bad she’s not with Disney! LOL

  • Anonymous

    i like her!

  • Anonymous

    did not see that one coming. her voice is insane. not to mention she’s gorgeous.

    love her :)

  • Anonymous

    Did not expect that.
    She has a reaaaally good voice. :)

  • Anonymous

    excuse mee, leave selena out of this you fucktards. this is a victoria justice post! and selena CAN sing.

  • james

    What a freak! Why is she making us listen to Lady GAGA sing?

  • michelle

    blah her singing is okay nothing special…

    she def wont sell many records.

  • lovemegan

    She has an amazing voice. I love her.


    Awesome voice, great video !! : )

  • alynaa

    Im jealous of her damn hair&face .
    give it to me bitch

  • Anonymous

    What was the purpose in her filming this video?

  • Anonymous

    maybe selena gomez should hire vincent??? maybe then she could sing as well as victoria. loool.

  • gingerrx.

    she’s so pretty:) and seems fun to be with.

    she’s def. a better singer than selena:)

  • SlippinIntoTheLava x3

    she’s really pretty. :)

  • loveforladygaga.

    does she sing good? i didn’t watch the video.

  • Anonymous

    yea, she’s pretty good
    A LOT better than selena and A LOT better than i expected

  • OMGimajoehoe

    Post the Demi pictures

  • Anonymous

    i’m kinda surprised.
    i didnt know what to expect here,
    “gah, just another wannna be disney singer”
    i knew she acted, but sang? nooope.
    shes not that bad though,
    outgoing also.

  • case

    Haha she was adorable. And a good singer too! I want a voice coach….lucky. lol

  • Anonymous

    She’s the total package: looks, personality and talent. Go Victoria!

  • Anonymous

    she is good (:

  • Anonymous

    she is such a good singer!!!! can’t wait to see her in victorious!

  • Anonymous

    she sings really well, but she makes weird faces and movement when she does. its like awkward-ish.