Taylor Momsen Gossip Girl GORGEOUS


Style icon Taylor Momsen filming Gossip Girl in Grand Central Station in New York City on Friday afternoon with her castmates. Where do YOU think Jenny is going? Michelle Trachtenberg was wearing a blond wig. Fame.

  • JBcarmen

    i think the making her go to boot camp because she being a bad girl! maybe lol! not georgina again :( lol cant wait to watch Gossip Girl again today :)

  • Astoria Malfoy

    SHe is most likely visiting the mom or being shipped to Waverly Academy.

  • girl crush mileyyyyy

    Good. Jenny’s an idiot.

  • Cesi.

    Oh my EFFIN’ God! Is Georgina back n’ trying? Anyway, she looks weird with a blonde wig. Can’t wait for another episode.

  • OMGimajoehoe

    I can’t stand Jenny.
    <3 Blair and Chuck
    …man it’s been tooo long


    alright so i cant lie she is GORGEOUS!!! even thou i cant stand her and im IN LOVE with her hair <33 soo jealous lol and i never watched gossip girl

  • OMGimajoehoe

    It starts again on MONDAY
    thank the LORD!!!!!
    and the season finale of make it or break it, i thought i was going to have to miss one, but only 1 episode!!!!!
    im really excited

  • merissa99

    ugh she is so annoying

  • bluemonday

    If I was to name somebody gorgeous in these pictures, it would definitely be PENN. <3 Can’t wait the rest of season 3 on Monday!!!

  • Anonymous

    taylor momsen is easily the hottest girl that gets posted on this site

    there is no denying it, she is a perfect 10

    if you dont agree, then you are either jealous or a fan of a lesser, uglier disney slut

  • remember_me

    i need to catch up on my gossip girl

  • gossipgirlgorgeous


  • Anonymous

    I can’t wait for gg to return!

    & i can’t wait for Leighton & Selena on Monte Carlo! wooooo! :D

  • Ron has red hair.

    I haven’t seen Gossip Girl in forever.

  • GoldenGal9311

    haleybrooke7 said:

    i just lost the game. :(

    Ugh, I did too. Thanks a lot!

  • Anonymous

    She has like no assss !
    sweet baby jesus.

  • The Real Deal

    No Blair? No Chuck? I’m outta here!

  • Sandy R.

    she’s so pretty here :D
    i love her. she’s a good actress in GG!
    and if you dont like my comment, then fuck you :]]]

  • peacelovehearts

    oh hell no.

  • vanessa

    she actually looks decent for once.

    Guys how do you add a picture near your name? someone please tell me, i would be very thankful .

  • Mareike

    Can’t wait for the new episodes!
    and omg Georgina!… uhm no…

  • crystal

    i love gg and i never really liked jenny but taylor didn’t get on my nerves until recently and now i can’t stand her but the rest of the cast i still love in real life and their characters on the show

  • Toxic

    You have to join OU. :)

  • crystal

    oh and i wonder what the hell georgina is up to and who is her victim now maybe its still blair

  • Astoria Malfoy

    I love Jenny.
    and Taylor is very pretty, and all but her “rebel” self center attitude is a turn off for some people.

    She is not going anywhere, she is coming back from her mother’s place.

  • HartOfAshes

    I Have Nothing To Say. Really OceanUp! Im a OU Addict! lol! Im Addicted! Im Losing You!

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  • haleybrooke7

    i just lost the game. :(

  • Anonymous


  • HartOfAshes

    haleybrooke7 said:
    i just lost the game. :(

    What Game?!

  • HartOfAshes

    Anonymous said:

    Thats What I said!

  • Anonymous


  • OMGimajoehoe

    Aww, no Leighton…
    but damn ou stop ridin her d!@$

  • Anonymous

    Love her style.

  • Toxic