Miley & Bret NOTHING TO LOSE Country

Miley Cyrus and Bret Michael‘s duet ‘Nothing To Lose’ COUNTRY version.

  • xoxo

    my ears hurt

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    so effing wrong!

  • Anonymous


  • LifesGood

    awesome song!!!
    with awesome musicians<3 !!!!
    i love how it sounds!!

  • Anonymous

    WTFFFFFF IS UP WITH THIS DUDES MOUTH?!! why is he making pouty lips all the time what a douche

  • iHeartMileyRay

    wow miley is so amazingly talented <3

  • MileyCyrusRox71

    i love it :) i bought it on itunes and i listen 2 it alot :)

  • Anonymous

    i love the song. vocals are perfect for Miley

  • light a way

    amazinggg <3

  • remember_me

    wasn’t it already posted?

  • Anonymous

    Just because you re-mix in a twangy guitar now and then, doesnt make the song a brand new “country version.”

  • Anonymous

    This song sucks!
    Why are people wasting their time arguing about this shit…???
    It’s not worth it.

  • Anonymous

    He good looking. The song is really beautiful. Miley is a phenomenal singer. she really beautiful artist. Love everything she makes because her craft is one and only. she don’t copy from anyone.MIley unique her voice, her looks, her art and her voice there is no one like her out there. Really pretty song.

  • Anonymous

    Love it!!!

  • Ron has red hair.

    It’s almost the same.

  • INeedAHero

    Aww I can’t hear it….. again

  • sunnylikethis

    Uh. I’m off. OU get a useful post and give me a call. Maybe by then more ghost will be back from the dead :|

  • elisa

    I love this song

  • Anonymous

    love it!! really nice song :D

    i love mileyyy..she´s a really good singer..the best!!

    from argentinaa!!


    wow this song is actually great <33 love miley she has talent!!!!!

  • Anonymous

    Personally I don’t really like it but I’m not a big fan of country that’s prob why lol

  • BRlovesDemi

    first ? i don’t think so .

  • sunnylikethis

    Is everyone still dead? Because I’m back as a ghost now :)

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous


    on your face.

  • Anonymous

    Miley is awesome :D

    I love this song so much :D

    Although this was on perezhilton like 2 weeks ago oceanup.. :\

  • peacelovehearts

    sunnylikethis said:
    Is everyone still dead? Because I’m back as a ghost now :)
    i love your icon <3 haha

  • Anonymous

    mmh hmmm brett michaels is looking good I love slash too oh yeah the song is pretty good

  • FlowaTri

    Nice song :)

  • sunnylikethis

    Why thank you! I haven’t been on here for some time… What happened to your Taylor one?