Listen to the full Disneymania7 album HERE.

ShineOnMedia did a cool interview with Savannah, read it HERE.

  • Anonymous

    Savannah should get more credit than she does! shes like the Bieber version of Youtube, and i think she is a much better singer than Selena and most of the disney family. (cept demi and Miley) So why cant she have her own CD and be a big star. She has the potential! shes awesome!

  • Jaymee__x

    She’s really good.

  • ShesOutOfThisWorld (youtube)

    she’s ok :)

  • hpaddictedx

    I only liked Bridgit and Tiffany. The rest killed Disney.

  • Anonymous

    Ahh sorry Savannah,
    Rob is the only person who should sing this.
    No one could EVER beat him,not even if the singer was beautiful or was the best singer ever. Rob is the one and only person who can sing this song.. I didn’t like the cover AT ALL,its just one of those songs that everyone can’t sing.. [ you know what I mean]

  • Anonymous

    rob thomas did hella better. she sucksass

  • Elle

    For attempting a Rob Thomas song, she did fabulous. A cover isn’t always meant to be better than the original. She made the song into her own, it isn’t suppose to compare.

    She’s a great singer and I hope we hear more of her. A lot better than a lot of the covers on this Disneymania CD.

  • Bri

    You’re not gonna outbeat Rob Thomas. I’m sorry. Good try though.

  • Anonymous

    Rob Thomas > This

  • Anonymous

    Rob Thomas > This