Selena Gomez Trust In Me Official Video

Thx mileyjonas! NEW Ramona & Beezus still. Credit: Selena-Fan.Org.

  • SelenaxKelsey

    I can’t wait till Ramona & Beezus July 22 & 23 are gonna be amazing days<3

  • Anonymous

    follow this girl on twitter ->

    you’ll hear about her in the future guaranteed. (;

  • Anonymous

    Her song is the only one with a unique sound one on that album. Everything else sounds so Disney. I think it’s catchy, I must have listened to it a number of times and still think it has a cool sound.

    P.S.: all the songs on Disney Mania are voice edited one way or another. So if you’re going to criticize Selena then be fair and criticize every singer on that album.

  • island.B

    <33 love her&the song
    cant wait for R&B.!.! :)

  • Anonymous

    She’s really, really beautiful. As much as haters might wish she wasn’t, she is.

  • Jaskoe

    to anyone who wants free downloads and new episodes of all things disney then follow and new episodes before they come out

  • Chelsea-Rose

    I actually like the song. I think she did a good job :)

  • Ashley

    she looks pretty and I do love that song I already bought it =)

  • tiffany

    I love it.Selena is the BEST!!!!Go,Selena You Rock!!!!

  • Moises

    Selly And Joey, She is Adorable :D!

  • claulinda

    shes so amazing….. shes the best!!!

  • Anonymous


    Cant wait for Ramona & Beezus <3

    Selena and Joey look like real sisters :)

  • SammieloveSelena

    Oh my God, she looks absolutely gorgeous. I love her and I have to admit that I’m jealous of her beauty, poise and especially her smile. She is amazing!

  • Anonymous

    i really don’t like her .

  • Ginger

    Ramona and Beezus Still!

  • Anonymous

    joey and selena are so adorable

  • trusty

    i love them, so cute

  • loganlerman

    wow, cant wait to see this movie, joey looks cute, and selena too

  • rockstar

    hope beezus and ramona will be successful

  • Anonymous

    OMG,they are cute, love them both, selena rock

  • harrylove

    i wish i could meet selena, love her

  • Starchixx123

    I love selena gomez her songs, shes sooooo pretty, n her vids go selena!!!

  • kakaloveme

    i just can’t wait till she’s like 24.

    im not a pedophile im 18 lol
    i mean, i wanna see what she looks like as a? young woman since she’s already beautiful as a teenager

  • sakura wataki

    she is so damn BEAUTIFUL?

  • sunnylikethis

    FIRST! Cause I feel like it :) Maybe not?

  • Anonymous

    1st lol

  • _Moohn

    Why do people always scream which post they are? Haha.

  • Anonymous

    she’s so pretty and gorgeous

  • Anonymous

    shes amazing. i love her

  • sunnylikethis

    When I saw the title I was like “Already?!”
    Turns out that OU likes to mess with our minds…. Or they fail at titles ;)

  • little misssunshinee

    she’s pretty.
    i hate this song though it bugss me.
    oh wellllll.