Hilary Duff, 22, is now working on a series of young adult novels, the first novel called Elixir will debut this in October, Simon & Schuster announced. The story will feature ‘the worldwide adventures of young photojournalist Clea Raymond.

Hils’ is also writing a nonfiction book about children coping with divorce to be released in 2012. The story will center on her parents divorce which she previously addressed in her songs ‘Stranger‘ and ‘Gypsy Woman.‘ Hilary pictured @ Samsung 3D LED TV launch party @ Time Warner Center in NYC.

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    Those are the ugliest earrings I`ve ever seen! Wow!

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    gorgeous !!!!!! I LOVE HER =D

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    love her , but she used to be better and more popualr when she was young

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    Hm.. ya.. i wanna read her books..!
    and guys plz, concentrate on the news.. not earings!?

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    Those are some humongous earrings! Must be heavy too. XD

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    wow those earrings are really big. anyways she looks so pretty.

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    She looks amazing! She’s lost weight! I can wait to read her books. I would love if she wrote about her life and experiences

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    Yes, this is her first book venture. Good job. Gold star!

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  • leLIVREinterdit

    i’d love to read them!!! that’d be awesome

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    Aww, I love Hilary. She’s so pretty :)

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    I love her, she is awesome. : )

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