Sonny With A Chance WALK A MILE IN MY PANTS Season 2 PREMIERE Clips

Part 2 & 3 under!

  • Anonymous

    It’s not funny it’s just lame

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  • Anonymous

    Sonny with a Chance rocks, and if you hate it then you’re a dooshbag

  • DemiandMileyPones

    ‘Turn around and lemme see your butt.”

    Wtf? Disney going rated r or what?

  • Savetheanimalss

    LOL..ohymydisney…why do they say
    “Walk A Mile In My Pants”?
    Strange title…even though I get that means like walk in my shoes. But pants sounds..hmm..idk sexual??

  • musiciseverything

    Pretty funny. Way better than the first season.

  • leLIVREinterdit

    whoops. i didn’t watch the full thing. they changed the yow! part. ok.

  • Anonymous

    LOL “LBS” Little boy syndrome (;

  • iSmiley

    HAHAHAHAHA I love this show! Wizards too. They’re both awesome in different ways. But I wish Zora was in this episode!

  • peacelove

    that was hilarious!!! Love That Show!!!!!

  • Christina

    I can’t watch anymore, but Chad is THE funniest thing on the show.

  • Tyra babe

    Ca. I get a fan girl scream?
    Sonny with a chance is the funniest show on Disney xD

  • Anonymous

    omg soooooo funny. lmaoo….best disney show by far for season 2!!!

  • No Bitchassness

    I actually think Demi’s a really good actress

  • iLoveChimpanzee

    No Bitchassness said:
    I actually think Demi’s a really good actress
    she is is jut that since she is an amazing singer ppl just cant accept the fact that this girl can act too..
    but if we are talking about the jo bros yessir they can do anything….

  • Anpuss

    where’s Zora?=[

  • ArgentinaLOVESDemi

    LMAO i loved the episode! Demi’s definitely an amazing actress too ;)

  • Roro xox

    i love this show :) ; people better vote for this .. ; this is way funnier than wizards!

  • Hespa

    Sonny Monroe is probably the best “character” from the Disney girls (apart from Raven Baxter.) Miley Stewart is just getting obnoxiously air headed and Alex Russo.. Don’t get me started. Selena’s great but she did not deserve that Gracie award for portraying women with a good image. Alex is sneaky, rude and disrespectful to her parents… IMO “Alex” just gives off that rude teenager look and isn’t a good role model.. Whereas Sonny is caring and just is “better” moreover as in this episode she’s hosting a walk a thon to get kids to read more.. lol.
    Um. So that’s just what I think. Also Demi is a great actress and it really shows in the Sicky Vicky sketch!

  • Nina

    OMGOSH! I loved it!!
    Demi is only getting better with time!!!!!
    I love you Demi!!!!!!

  • freya

    yea sonny monroes the best and alex is just… uhhh yeah alex sucks but selena rules. but demis the best

  • Anonymous


    and its true. demi can sing AND act its just eole think that humanity can only be limited to one outsanding talent i.e singing dancing and acting

  • Anonymous

    this was actually really funny. demis voice in the song is amazing as always. and wow tiffany catually has a good voice. i was impressed. thats one disney star i dont mind singing that was first an actress. mitchell musso also.anyways this was really good. the last season was good but you can tell this season is going to be so much better.

  • Paulaa

    i love it but , where is Zora ? :/

  • lovatocyrusjonaslove

    Love her and the show bb .musiciseverything I love your icon seetie beautiful.

  • Christina

    numero uno?

  • Anonymous

    oooo yay! :)

  • lalalalea

    too lazy to waatch :P

  • Christina

    No interesante :/


    GO DEMI! u rokc chika! i love skinny jeans! xP

  • Anonymous

    im boredd

  • No Bitchassness

    I love this show! i dont get why people hate it :L

  • leLIVREinterdit

    looks like they won’t be changing their intro each season as well. i honestly hope wowp at least changes it for the last season. if they don’t, oh well.

  • DemiandMileyPones

    I don’t feel like watching.