• ButterflyFlyAway

    I want to read the book! The movie looks so romantic :) I love romantic movies haha! We should make a protest: Make the Last Song premiere earlier!

  • Anonymous

    Miley is awesome actriss she so talented and dedicated to her craft and art she amazing.

  • Gable16

    OMG, best book ever…and the movie is gonna be awesome!

    i was at chapters today, and this book was EVERYWHERE!!!<

  • Anonymous

    chapters bookstore right ? yeah same here!!! they have the book all over the store plus this HUUGE POSTER!!!!!!!! AHHHHH cant wait.

  • carly

    i would have to agree with the critic, even though i haven’t seen it. why? because nick wrote the screenplay as well. twilight and new moon were good, but not good good, just look at the reviews. personally i don’t believe reviews are a good basis to look at, but with the twilight saga films they just lacked (this coming from a fan ever since 2005), anyway, i just believe THE LAST SONG will be a good movie with a strong story.

  • danny

    CAN’T WAIT !!!!!! so cute :D

  • Roro xox

    i swear im gonna go crazy!!
    i need to watch this NOW! its gonna be so good ; miley <33

  • Anonymous

    OMG my book store does to! apparently it knocked off dear john, percy jackson, lonely bones, AND eclipse off the #1 spot for over a month now!

  • Gable16

    cuz it deserves it…not that twilight isn’t good, nicholas sparks is one of the best writers…this book is his best yet! [=

  • SammDamn

    I was watching reelz channel and some old guy said he saw the movie a few days ago. He said it was a BIG tear-jerker and that it was a teen version of the notebook. OH and to top it off he said it was better then dear john and the first two twilight movies!!!!! i was shocked when he said that, but maybe he’s right, since Nicholas sparks wrote both- screenplay and novel. Ahh can’t wait any longer!!!

  • Aryanna

    This song gives me chills.

  • SillyAnnJoker

    Am I the only one who has read the book and doesn’t think the movie should be rated PG? I mean, I’d watch it no matter what, but it seemed more like an M to me.
    Love Miley, Aussie Pride for Liam.
    Live, Love, Laugh, Miley!

  • Anonymous

    I love Miley.

  • peacelovehearts

    There is an ad on the side of my page of a pig humping a box? Nice selection oceanup.

  • ANNA!


  • Janis Lan


  • Anonymous

    The song in the spot is AllStar Weekend. Yeah!

  • Anonymous

    i’m seeing this the first day it comes out :’)

  • Anonymous

    is it me.. or was the scene when miley laughed when mudd got on liam really fake? o.o imo i guess.

  • Anonymous

    i can not wiat any longer for this!
    the book was amazing and the movie is gunna be sooo good.
    im going to the midnight premiere her laugh in this its homo

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    btw, her laugh is so cute <3

  • mimi

    I can’t wait for the movie am so excited. I feel like is taking forever to come out. I know she going to do amazing because everything she does she put her heart and soul in it.

  • xoxokatie8


  • xoxokatie8

    that’s when i look at youu

  • peacelovehearts

    This movie needs to come out NOW. I’m going to go fucking insane if i have to wait any longer. :p

  • Anonymous

    I agree it’s killing me to have to wait any longer

  • CaliforniaCheer

    SO EXCITED :]]
    I love this book! And Miley!

  • JonasGirl007

    finally a miley post in a long while

  • w

    Seeing this the weekend it comes out <3

  • Anonymous

    that was cute

  • Little.Monster

    I need to see it nowwwww<3333 haha

  • DemiJoBroFan

    Can’t freaking wait.