Jonas Brothers Living The Dream 2 Clip

  • _Moohn

    (replying to this) – Mar 15, 2010 @ 11:17 am
    Joy said:

    Nooo that was Belgium! He was wearing a different shirt :)


    Haha. Oops. xD

  • Anonymous

    I seriously hope they didn’t put too much Joe in. We get it; Joe is insecure and thinks he’s funny and cute.

  • Anonymous

    cant freaking wait !!!!!

  • joejonasFTW

    z0mfg, can’t wait for this :”)

  • Rachel

    I can’t wait for season 2!

  • Anonymous

    omfg i cannot wait :D
    I am soo soo excited and it will be even more awsome watching this cause i was at one of there concerts (+ a soundcheck :P) during the world tour :P

    TJUK PONES !!!!!

  • Chelsea-Rose

    I’m more excited for this series, because I saw them in Europe on this tour :)
    (November 17th – Birmingham, UK)

  • Abby

    yay yay yay!!!! My mom was all ‘when? Next week?! Oh we’re going to watch it?’ haha She loves them its so funny! :D

  • lyndsey

    Yay 1st

  • leLIVREinterdit

    i’m not spamming!

  • -Moohn

    The part with Joe wearing the Red Jacket was in Holland. :D

  • Joy

    Nooo that was Belgium! He was wearing a different shirt :)

  • _Moohn

    The part with Joe wearing the red jacket was in Holland. (:

    I wish LTD was longer then 5 min. ):

  • _Moohn

    Oops I spammed.-.-
    But it didnt post until now.


    But cant wait for it!!

  • MitchelMussoLuv-TokioHotelluv

    New post yay! *breathes in newness*
    I am so excited for this!
    It sure seems to have come out fast though…Did Joe cut his hair THAT long ago” o_O

  • MitchelMussoLuv-TokioHotelluv

    Everyone is still in the Miley post.
    Anyone in here?
    And if so…how are you today? ^-^