Taylor Momsen KICK-ASS


Taylor Momsen song ‘Make Me Wanna Die’ is going to be on the soundtrack to action movie Kick-Ass! ‘Make Me Wanna Die’, a song by her band The Pretty Reckless, will appear on the soundtrack album alongside tracks from Ellie Goulding, The Prodigy and Primal Scream.

The album, which will also feature ‘Kick Ass’, a collaboration between Mika and Lady GaGa’s producer RedOne, will be available to buy or download from March 29. ‘Make Me Wanna Die‘ will then be released as The Pretty Reckless’s debut single on May 17. Stunning Gossip Girl Season 3 promo via Taylor-Momsen.Net. Check out KISS Magazine scans HERE. Listen under!

  • Anonymous

    i LOVE that song
    it makes me wanna dance.

  • =))

    I love her!! shes like how can you face the world not being you and well thats just me!! haha LOOVE HER!!

  • grace(:

    oftt, aaron johnson ;D
    + ellie goulding is amaaaaazing<3

  • xHisGirlFriday

    oftt, aaron johnson ;D
    + ellie goulding is amaaaaazing<3
    Mmmm, aaron johnson…
    I loved angus, thongs and perfect snogging.
    And I want to see Nowhere Boy =]

  • Anonymous

    She is so trashy. Gross.

  • Anonymous

    I don’t really care for her, but her music, me likey. :p

  • Anonymous

    i really dont give a shit

    that picture looks like shes selling herself as a whore.

    btw..i just listened to her song. sounds like manufactured bull.

  • Annie

    ooh great
    more of this “hardcore” poser.
    lol that article shows how she contradicts herself!

  • Meeeeee

    My friend is the image of her.

  • PaaperPlanes

    I like the song. Actually.

  • blabla

    I actually like the song :)

  • leLIVREinterdit

    awww, i like taylor. she says stupid stuff most of the time but she’s still a kid and she’s probably feeling lonely and misunderstood.
    i wish her the best with her music career.

  • Anonymous

    ” you make me wanna die” …hmm …o….k …… the tunes catchy but she really does have generic, shallow and cliched lyrics.
    but shes lucky that the tunes are so catchy that noone cares lol

  • leLIVREinterdit

    :O i like the song!!!
    she has a pretty good voice…

  • lemonlovee

    how about no!1! ugh.


    You already look dead, Taylor. =)

  • Anonymous

    You already look dead, Taylor. =)
    Say No More.

  • Anonymous

    I just dont ‘get’ her

  • Vanessaxox

    she used to be so pretty and now shes urghh :/

  • Beth2k9

    grace(: said:

    oftt, aaron johnson ;D
    + ellie goulding is amaaaaazing<3
    Aaron Johnson is.. Phwoar. have you seen his girlfriend though, :o that’s some crazy shit. x’D
    & I love ellie gouldings voice, she’s amazing. :)

  • MZ

    The Gossip Girl promo looks fiiiiercee! :)
    Love Taylor<3

  • leLIVREinterdit

    i didn’t know aaron was in this. ok, i’m seeing this movie now!! :DDDDD

  • Anonymous


  • Baby
  • Anonymous

    LMAO! LMAO! :D

  • Anonymous

    what idiot is going to by that shit? I mean.. her cd.

  • LilaBabiuk

    FIRST!!! I dont care about her

  • hithere

    she is pretty
    but singer?? really??
    arrg, get out of here…

  • Joejonasfarawraw

    i love her , i just wish she’d lose the goth act but i love her music and i miss the old her well thats just me :) x

  • xHisGirlFriday

    Can’t wait to see it!
    Im not a big fan of taylor’s but we shall see…

  • laura georgie

    i <3 her :)

  • Anonymous

    this is my favorite song. i’m definitely going to get the movie, just to hear it. :D

  • lalalalea

    how cool..

  • Mallaa

    I love her! shes trulley an insparation! because shes always. ” thats just me” and ” how can you face the world not being yourself” Loooove this girll!

  • xblowmyspeakersupx

    i love her so much!

  • edfdsggf

    after her not caring about haiti until her album was finished….i hate her. she’s a poser and i hope no one waists their money on her trashy cd.

  • nabinbuzz

    I like the song this song. While i saw colorful poster, Kick-Ass: You Don’t Have to Be Crazy to Try This, i was expecting a superhero parody, something akin to mystery men or the tick. Movie is average but and her haircut in this picture is just ok.

  • fanie

    wanna, hear the song..sound good
    tas louis vuitton

  • merissa99

    I don’t like the song.

  • LaLaLand4ever

    I love that song! I don’t care about what others say about Taylor. I like that she doesn’t care what others think and can be herself! Although, i really don’t like how she smokes but whatever!

  • mfanies

    i don’t like wii games best price

  • Anonymous

    Cant wait for Kick ass! and i love that song!

  • Anonymous

    Make me wanna barf. That’s what you make me want to do. All the time.