Victoria Justice VICTORIOUS Photo Shoot

  • shirley

    I like justin b. because he sings very good.P.S…..

  • Anonymous


  • HannahYsabelle

    Ariana and Elizabeth were on Broadway two years ago. Danielle was in an episode of Suite Life, and Victoria was in Zoey 101.

  • Anonymous

    who are these girls?

  • jayra

    I like victorious because she sing very nice and I like the song MAKE IT SHINE…..

  • Anonymous

    Shee’s awesomee and so pretty!
    I cant ait for this show!

  • Anonymous

    I love Victoria, she’s way hotter than any of those Disney girls.

  • Sammie

    I love Victoria, she’s way hotter than any of those Disney girls.



  • Anonymous

    2nd!! Nicee! She’s pretty

  • leLIVREinterdit

    they sound so nice.

  • Stephanie

    aww come on this deserves more then 6 comments
    all the girls are really pretty and talented
    and ariana is more gorgeous then like miley, demi selena combined
    but I guess good things will come once their show comes out=]

  • anonymous

    adriana grande is a wannabe [ younger ] alexa vega, if you don’t believe me just look at her photo expressions -.-

  • Vanessaxox

    Victoria is so beautiful

    That adriana grande girl is pretty too, i like her hair colour!

  • Dakota

    Can’t wait for her show!!! Victorious and she’s too pretty. They all look cool tho but, Victoria is the *star*!!!

  • Anonymous

    wow,,its ZOEY 101 all over again,,whos getting knocked up?

  • Anonymous

    I like her :)