Ashley Tisdale sported beautiful green t-shirt in the spirit of Saint Patrick’s Day as she made her way to a production meeting in Los Angeles. Photos: Fame. Happy Saint Patrick’s Day!

  • mileyluver15

    I love her shes really pretty but she looks soo sad at least try and be nice to the paparazzi goshhh these famous people who are soo ignorant to the paparazzi bother me sooo much!!!

  • Anonymous

    Awwiiiieee!!! She is so beautiful! I love her style! Lovee Ashyy!! =P

  • JessHatesMiley


    glad i made your day

  • Mendy

    ahh. stupid

  • vickyyyyyyy


  • Anonymous

    She looks sad JUST in front of the paparazzis because she HATES THEM! And she’s working on a new thing… JUST WAIT, GUYS! LOOOOOOOVE ASHLEY TISDALE TIL THE END, NO MATTER WHAT!

  • Anonymous

    Cool, I have the same boots!

  • SunLight Princess

    she looks gorgeous!

  • island.B

    She looks pretty.
    i didn’t wear green today and nobody pinched me :) well i did have a green bracelet so i guess that counts :P

  • Anonymous

    i kinda feel sorry for her. she tries so hard to be relevant or even stylish and it’s not working. why do the paps follow her around? maybe her pr pays them to.

  • JessHatesMiley

    see… no one is here because NO ONE gives a shit a bout her. :)

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  • yesaella
  • Dumaaa ?

    Boo, you whores!


    she has such cute style, i love
    her hair!

  • msjonas13


  • JessHatesMiley

    just because she was in that stupid movie doesnt mean you have to post about her?? i mean what has she done ??? tell me???


    i was actually thinking the same thing, i dont know why they follow her around everywhere, lmao she hasn’t done anything lately.