Allstar Weekend NBT MAKING IT BIG


  • Carson,(:

    i have nothing against them,
    but if i were them,
    i would drop the record deal
    &&& aim for something higher.
    they’re signed to hollywood records or something disney related ?
    disney ruins good potential stars.
    in a few years,
    they’re gonna be begging to have a record deal with some bigger record company.
    they’ll tell their disney fans,
    ” we loved having a record deal with disney but we just want to try something else. get a new taste. try something new. ”
    just like miley-a-whore

  • baybay

    whore attentionwhore famewhore slut tramp tramp-stamp tramp stamp. i love hgetting stamps

  • baybay

    attention whore

  • mhmm .

    AHH! :) I love them :) ! They’re so talented :).

  • baybay

    stutty clothes whoreish

  • adub

    awww i loove them ;) im in it for about 1 seccond :) haha

  • Anonymous

    why ?
    cameron IS the cute one

  • hi

    can u anser my question it’s below

  • Anonymous

    OU is going to start posting about these idiots a lot now since one of them is rumored to be with Selena.

  • hi


  • NicksSweetCaroline
  • Anonymous which one is this?
    Cameron the bass player.

  • Lilly

    I hope they’re dating cuz Cameron’s pretty cute :)

  • Anonymous

    the cute one is the guy next to cameron

  • Sweetdisposition

    They seem cool:D

  • Mrs. Joe Jonas

    These guys are sooo amazing! I’ve seen them in concert twice and met them once. All the shots where they’re in Zach’s bedroom are like right after I met them. They are SUPER nice and much cuter in person!!! Don’t hate on the becuause you wish you were them.

  • NicksSweetCaroline

    i think the cameron guy is pretty cute

  • tiareneeg

    Thanks so much! I love AllStar. They are such a great group of guys and super sweet!

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    cameron is hot
    i love their music

  • Anonymous

    zack look gay
    but cameron is kinda cute

  • glowpop

    Wait, the one Selena was with isn’t even the cute one?

  • hi

    whats zacs last name

  • Michelle

    I love them,they are so awesome!!
    Like honestly, I can’t wait to meet them : )

  • Anonymous

    i love them
    cameron’s rly rly cute ;)

  • BRlovesDemi

    first ? i don’t think so :o

  • Bieber is gay

    3 ?