Kevin Jonas On JONAS S2/ Having Kids?


Kevin Jonas dished to TV Guide about JONAS Season 2: It’s a much different show, it’s on location, it will be all over the place. The big idea is we’re spending the summer away in Los Angeles and exploring what this city has to offer. It’s going to be pretty cool, new characters, new storylines.. so many different things are going to happen with it.

Will there be new music this season? There will be new songs, some we wrote, others we didn’t. What kind of storylines? This season is a lot more grown up than it was last season. You can only fake an age for so long! [Laughs] I can tell you this much, the entire season is an arc with a beginning, middle and end, which is nice. Stella and Joe romance? I won’t give it away, but something very interesting is going to happen with that whole situation. It’s pretty cool!

Macy and Kevin romance? I’m not able to say, but she’s definitely a big part of this next season and I think fans will connect with her on a further level. Any downsides to working with your brothers? It’s always a positive. Sometimes you need your space, but we know how to give it to each other and that’s really important. And now that I’m married and not living at home, it’s cool to come to set and see my brothers.

How is newlywed life? It’s great, it’s a lot of fun, we’re having a blast! It’s amazing to be with your best friend every single day of your life, you know? Are you having kids? I think we’re going to be enjoying each other’s company for a little while, but definitely, we both want kids in the future.

  • Nobody Does It Better xx

    I hope season 2 is better than season 1… First one kinda sucked :)

  • Anonymous

    Cute article. Can’t wait to see the new season. A BTR is nothing like Jonas. BTR is just a rip off show as most Nick shows are. Jonas is so much better!

  • msjonas13

    what wht
    haha love them

  • LALALAReally

    That’s the thing though,every marriage and every couple is different. If they feel secure enough that they’re going to last then nobody should question it, we’re not in the relationship. We’re just outsiders in on a relationship that’s been made public.

    Plus, if Danielle and Kevin have made it through till now, I have faith that they’ll make it. She’s been around for 2 years and throughout those she’s probably experienced all the craziness they go through daily. She must love Kevin a whole lot if she’s willing to go through that.

  • Anonymous
  • island.B

    Hurry up and pop out w/ some babies Kevin ;)

  • lalalalea

    that picture of him looks great :)

  • Anonymous

    kev and dani’s babies would be fucking adorable <33
    joe and nick and frankie would be awesome uncles.

  • Brittnee

    I am happy for you Kevin.You Rock Kevin And Danielle. It is such a blessing to see that you have grown up so fast. I keep you and Danielle in my prayers.Take you time Kevin and don’t rush Love and marriage have a beauitful life together and spend time together as possible.Kevin You would be a great Dad.You Rock.

  • Anonymous

    JONAS sucks!

  • Anonymous

    Really?? You think it ruin the band?? Of course it fucking would you tard!!
    And where are you get off saying he shouldn’t be in the band?? I mean really?? He is amazing and talented and If some people can’t appreciate that, then some people shouldn’t comments on posts about him!!

  • Anonymous

    This show is oh so horrible. And there moving to LA? Isn’t that where Nickelodeon’s Big Time Rush takes place at? Sorry, but BTR is MUCH better all around.

  • whatsthescoop

    He doesnt look like himself in this pic. He looks like 30. I dont think that he should be in the Jonas Brothers, but then that would ruin the band.

  • Jaymee__x

    Anonymous said:

    JONAS sucks!
    You suck, too.

  • TheNinjaEater!

    Hey guys! Don’t forget to tune in to watch the Jonas Brother’s live chat today at 3PM (pst)!!
    It’s gonna be awesome!!!!!!
    Love you guys!!!

  • Anonymous

    I disagree BTR has it’s own coolness to it. It’s not a rip off it has it’s own magic 4 guys and Jonas is kinda same thing their both cool :)

  • Danger-ous

    I love Kevin and Danielle and wish them the best but I would never get married at 22. He hasn’t even begun to live his life yet and neither has she.

  • Anonymous

    am i first?

  • Jaymee__x

    Well, it would be interesting.
    Can’t wait for more Macy action :)

  • =]


  • LALALAReally

    To the person who said he hasn’t even begun to live his life: I’d say that touring the world, being famous,and making music is a whole hell of a lot of life. Maybe for a regular guy at 22 they wouldn’t get married but for someone who’s famous, their life is always crazy. So maybe Danielle is his rock, the one thing that’s constant in his life.

    If I found that at 22, I wouldn’t pass it up.


    YES. sooo pumped to see the next season.

  • Danger-ous

    No, I definitely get that and you have a great point…But I’m just saying it’s probably not a good gauge for stability in a marriage.

  • INeedAHero

    Aww I can’t wait to see little kanielles!

  • Chelsea-Rose

    This season is a lot more grown up than it was last season. You can only fake an age for so long!

    Haha, I’m glad about this. I did like the first season, but it was starting to annoy me. Especially Kevin’s part. He was adorable, but I’m glad he’s playing his age.

  • lovatocyrusjonaslove

    awwww that’s so sweet.

  • Taylor

    I love the Jo Bros, but even I think BTR (Big Time Rush) is better than Jonas.

  • Anonymous

    She is awesome. Love her blogs. Check it out, leave a comment.

  • Canadian*Girl

    Aww, Kevin and Danielle are too sweet. <3

  • JonasGirl007

    Go get ‘em tiger :P

  • baybay

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  • ashleyyyy

    im definitely excited for the second season

  • Anonymous

    Wow two posts about Kevin OceanUp? They must be starting to take a liking to him

  • Anonymous

    Kevin rocks. Danielle does to! :D I AM SO PUMPED FOR THE NEW SEASONN

  • Anonymous

    mmmm i like that he’s not skinny anymore he looks buffer and yummmmmmmm :) he’s a D.I.L.F

  • xloveemeehnickj

    haha NOT YET
    it would be extremelly awkard im not gonna lie

  • HAHAHa

    Hahaha lol xD

  • Anonymous

    aw I think he’ll be a very good dad :)

  • lalalove

    Oh please, they arent gonna last forever.

  • Anonymous

    =] Cool I love the jonas broos

  • Caitlin

    I really love Kev and Danielle. They’re really sweet.

  • TOOFii

    FIRST ?

  • Anonymous

    Plus, if Danielle and Kevin have made it through till now, I have faith that they’ll make it. She’s been around for 2 years and throughout those she’s probably experienced all the craziness they go through daily.
    It’s only been 3 months since they’ve been married. and Plus it might not seem like it, but 2 years isn’t really that long.

  • Anonymous

    Aaaw so cutee(L)

  • m

    The good news in this is that they didn’t write some songs. AT least we know some of the songs will be good this season. In the first one some of the songs completely sucked.