Liam Hemsworth The Last Song MEETING

From Bonnie: On Wednesday I attended the Australian premiere of ‘The Last Song’. We got to meet Liam and take photos, I got him to write ‘forever’ on my Converse shoe like he does to Miley’s in the film.

The movie was incredible, if you are a fan of the novel by Nicholas Sparks you will enjoy the film adaptation of it. Also, I recorded this, it’s of Liam talking, you can hear him say that he and Miley are proud of the film.

  • Anonymous

    what the hell i know the girl with the green eyes :S

  • Anonymous

    he isnt hooot, he is awkward

  • Anonymous

    when is the film released in UK?

  • Anonymous


  • Nikki

    awww cutie! him and miley make a hot couple! <3

  • Anonymous

    awwwww he seems sweet.

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  • Anonymous

    Omfg how did ppl in austrailia already see it I hope it dosent leak

  • msjonas13


  • _herecomestrouble.

    hahah. aw. his tongue sticks out while he’s writing.

  • vane

    Liam famewhore just want fame, he use Miley

  • girl crush mileyyyyy

    Mmmmmmmmm. :)

  • girl crush mileyyyyy

    Noone on anywhere??? :l