Anna Maria PDT Part Of Your World Live

  • Anonymous

    Woohoo!! FILIPINO Power Rules!!:)

  • nick

    She is a lot better than this. Just a break for this girl and she will go places. So pretty . chk youtube to see more. Go go go Anna!

  • Anonymous

    She is so talented. She is a dancer too. I saw her at a rehearsal in millenium and she can groove. TRIPLE THREAT !!!!

  • Anonymous

    WOW..Can’t take my eyes off her..This girl is a pro..A true test of a good performer is if the audience enjoys which is so obvious in this one. I am now a big fan of this girl.

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    i love her :) and this version of the song

  • Anonymous

    She’s good. :) Never expected her that she could sing this good. Since i never really heard her sing that much in Camp Rock.

  • Anonymous

    Don’t hate her. She is the nicest girl in Disney. Stop being jealous.

  • Anonymous

    I worked with her in San Jose Ca and she can sing harder songs than this. She has the PIPES and obviously can sing LIVE. A lot of the Disney stars CAN NOT and their voices are tweeked.

  • Anonymous

    gosh i hate her so much but i dont know why (still hate her)

  • pipiellenJBontwitter

    she a good singer, but it’s a bit too “normal”, also i don’t like her dancing, it’s like she’s trying too hard.

  • Jessi

    She’s actually really good. Disney, stop putting your money into Selena’s singing career and put it into this girl’s!! She’s great!

  • Jaymee__x

    Wow. She sounds pretty good.

  • A-DORK-able.

    She sings, too? Wowww.
    She sounds good, though:)

  • Tweetyjobro

    Very good singer.

  • Anonymous

    She has the best control out of any Disney singer
    It’s too bad they have her singing back-up
    She is SO much better than that.

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