Selena Gomez Autograph Helps Little Girl


From Paulina: A little while back you helped my little cousin Rebeca get an autograph from her hero Selena Gomez. Lately she has not been doing well or responding to chemo. But I got a chance to visit her this past week and gave her the autograph that thanks you to you & your site we were able to get for her.

It was a HUGE spirit booster, it lit her face up like a had not seen it in a very long time. And when she went to the hospital today to see how she was and get her blood taken to see if the platelet and blood counts were..

..the doctor said she is improving and if she keeps going up from here, they may not have to do the bone marrow transplant after all! I really think it’s because of that spirit boost that she is doing better. So THANK YOU! You really have no idea how this has helped! This is so sweet, thanks so much to the person who sent this autograph to Paulina! :]

  • SelenaxKelsey

    I know she’ll get better and beat cancer. She’s strong and she can do it:)

  • Anonymous

    ..sweet’ .!!

    love her!!!

  • Anonymous

    awww sweet<33

  • StarLightSTARbright

    Who knew OU can do good.

  • Robert Pattinson

    That girl is so cute <3

  • Jaymee__x

    Hope she’ll beat the disease.

  • xostephxo176

    i really hope this paulina will get better soon! i hope she will be ok.

  • Anonymous
  • Anonymous

    It’s posts like this that I like to see.
    She’s adorable!
    I hope she gets better!!!

  • Jess

    Keep doing whatever it is that you’re doing Paulina, cuz it’s a great thing & I’m sure most of us can’t do that!!!

  • island.B

    :) Aaww she looks happy.
    i hope she gets better <33
    did OU send the pic to her?

  • Nazeefa

    This is amazing!! Awwww!!

  • leLIVREinterdit

    cute. best of luck, little girl.

  • peacelovehearts


  • paulina!!

    i actually know paulina!! she is GREAT! she is fighting soo hard for her cousin rebeca its INSANE!! i am beyond proud of her!!

  • Anonymous

    when it said selena as the post name i scrolled down and saw just the bald head part, i was like omg did selena shave her head…

    so nice of her

  • kaygirl jbbb

    Aww yayy! (:
    hope she get bettah !

  • adriana

    awww that girl is the cousin of my BFF!

  • selenaalltheway1

    Love Selena :’)

  • Alexx.


  • Anonymous

    I really hope she gets better! :)
    She’s soo cute :)
    Did Selena see it?

  • Anonymous

    peacelovehearts said:

    are you fucking kidding me? this post is about a little girl fighting for her life and selena happened to make her stronger. Youre really mental if you can’t see past that, youre disgusting.

  • ET

    Aw. How sweet

  • Anonymous

    Aww, that’s so sweet of everyone who was involved. I hope the little girl gets soon REALLY well.

    And could you people PLEASE show some respect and at least not fight on this post. Jeez.

  • Diamondback

    That’s why she kicks ass. Awesome stuff.

  • Anonymous

    That is good to hear. I hope she gets better. :)

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  • Anonymous

    aw sweet =)

  • Anonymous

    Aww, that’s SO sweet!

  • Anonymous

    first! haha suckas

  • Anonymous

    Thats because there is nothing Nelena or Niley related to this. they only search for drama

  • Anonymous

    it funny how this post has no comments.

  • K.F.D.M.S lover

    oh that’s so sweet

  • INeedAHero

    Aww that’s so sweet :)

  • Anonymous

    Just woke up! Umm this is so sweet, people thing that celebrities don’t really matter, but for some they do.

    Im glad shes doing better, and I hope her a long healthier life.

  • Anonymous

    This girl is so sweet! My prayers go out to her! God bless her.