Sonny Get Your Goat NEW EPISODE

Part 2 & 3 under!

  • cam

    i didn’t really like this episode

  • vaa

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  • Jewgirl

    Woah, when dinka and sonny are dancing at the begining, they used the tune of a jewish passover song, wierdd….

    im not sure if i shud take it as an insult or compliment

  • Anne-May

    this was so not funny
    to bad): with the first season i lmao
    but this was just boring
    hope the next episode is better (:


    i love swac

  • Anonymousss

    so funny !!!

  • garrylovato

    SWAC <3 !!!!


    i love the cast !!!!

  • Meeee

    Wheres Zora? :\

  • tatiana

    j’adore sonny!!
    et franchement je trouve que Demi joue nettement mieux que dans la première saison!!!
    trop cool

  • Charlotte Jonas

    They removed it :(

  • jjjonas

    DEMI is BETTER in this season!!!
    go demi!!
    i love you

  • anonymousss

    so true!!!
    demi= great actress

  • destinylovato

    demi is great !! I think demi’ll become a very good actress!!!

  • anonymous

    i love demi and SWAC !!!!

  • TIAA

    don’t forget new SWAC tonight !!!

  • Anonymous

    Love swac but not the best episode only some parts were funny

  • TIAA

    don’t forget to watch new SWAC tonight!!

  • femke

    haha i love sonny with a chance

  • harrypotterbitches

    lmao at chad screaming at the end

  • Anonymous

    Haha, Chad at the end ;)

  • Anonymous

    haha i love how there are no comments on this post! lol

  • DeadPost

    dead post
    ocean up i dead

  • DeadPost


  • DeadPost


  • DeadPost

    wtf i got flagged

  • Anonymous

    third!! :D

  • K.F.D.M.S lover

    what happin to show the EPISODE is not funny ihope the next one is petter

  • xoxo

    YAYYYYYYYYYY i’m watching this asap