Justin Bieber Pickup Line & UK SHOWS

Thx @xloveisonitsway! Teen Today interview under. Thx @racheljp21.

  • Anonymous


  • jaybubzluvz

    EW in the first video under everytime that lady talked you could hear her dry ass mouth making these weird noises especially around 1:14

  • Anonymous

    what lily said about him ??
    wasent se$ha ?

  • Beatrice

    justin is nice and funny ^^ and he sang “happy birthday” so good :D

  • Vanessaxox

    hHhhaha, oih my that interview with that blonde girl was painful to watch- it seemed to awkward!

  • maferf

    justin fiver justin rules my word

  • Anonymous

    he is so cute<3333333

  • biebergirl<33333

    he is so cute<33333

  • EmmaaCharlotte

    J Biebs :)

  • Anonymous

    Who’s the first commenter?

  • Anonymous

    Second place

  • Jinx.

    2nd? baby! baby! baby! oh!

  • Jinx.

    oops 3rd!

  • _herecomestrouble.

    “i like your rocking bod” HAHAHAHAHAHHAHA.

  • Beautiful.Dirty.Rich

    He seems really nice.. (: But not fake nice and awkward like some people ;)