Alexandra V When I Look At You COVER

Alexandra, 15, covering Miley Cyrus‘ ‘When I Look At You‘.

  • Maddyyyyy

    hahaha jess go you :S well done you are making alex famous!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • jessmatilda

    hey hey i knoq how exciting
    that alex is on here,
    thanks to who? meee
    your so amazing alex you will make it big i know it
    go alex jae

  • Dean

    Unbelievable singing. Where have you been hiding?

  • Dean

    unbelievable singing….where have you been hiding?

  • tiareneeg

    As a musician myself and going to school for sound engineering. I would say it would be better if she didn’t have the volume level up so high because it distorted her quality. But overall her voice was exceptional and I hope she has great luck in concurring her dreams.

  • Anonymous


  • alain

    wow – she’s acutally better than Celine Dion was at this young age. she just needs the right person to make her. i see a great future here.

  • Mikayla

    Once again, someone sang one of her songs way better then she did :)

  • Anonymous

    This girls got what it takes. She’s a real singer – not auto tuned and tweaked like Miley and only 15!! what’s she going to be like in her 20’s

  • Me

    That´s sooo much better then Miley´s version.

  • Marlene

    Crazy good!! what a set of pipes she has!

  • Anonymous

    I know this girl! She went to my high school : )
    She’s got an amazing voice!

  • rob

    just wow – electrifying!

  • Maddyyyy

    you are amazing i am so happy for you!!!
    my heart like jumped when i saw this come up on the page :D:D:D:D
    goooooooooooo alexx jaee

  • liz

    JESS, MADDY :)
    im soo excited for alex :) :)
    she is amazing !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    love you alexandra valmorbida

  • Anonymous

    i liked it :)

  • Anonymous

    Pretty damn good for a 15 year old!! I always thought this song suited a good strong voice. It’s made for her. Un freakin believable!!

  • Anonymous
  • Anonymous

    this was truly amazing and i love Miley and all but remember the only time weve heard her really sing it was with recording and voice change but this girl has just her voice nothing else. NICEE :)

  • Anonymous

    pretty good but def not better :)

  • taahliaaa

    omg this is my friends best friend
    haha shes so good and so talented you guys should listen to all her youtube videos

  • Anonymous


  • ceci

    good singer

  • Anonymous

    she did great but when i look at you s a lighter kind of voice but she still did amazing=)

  • sa6eto


  • PartyInTheUsa007

    I like Miley’s version better.

  • case

    I wonder if Miley gets embarrassed when people sing her songs better than her.
    I would!

  • Anonymous

    She did well… not as good as Miley, but she was very good! Kudos.

  • Anonymous

    Nowhere near as good as Miley but still not bad