Emily Osment Allstar Weekend Woodfield


From Essy: I met Allstar Weekend at Woodfield Mall in Illinois! Emily Osment introduced them, and they sang about 7 songs. They did a meet and greet afterwards, and they spent a long time with each fan in line! They were so sweet!

  • Anonymous

    omg!omg!omg!omg! i was in woodfield today and i saw them when i was walking across that bridge thing

  • Anonymous

    awwww i love my boys :]

  • Anonymous

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PnQtc-98sdg please watch and vote! lets see who wins!

  • xoxRose

    Allstar Weekend rocksssss!

  • Olivia.

    I LOVE HER. :D

  • Adry

    love love love emily i wish her the best in all her future endeavors

  • Anonymous

    Pretty wow Emily is awesome my fav from disney

  • Anonymous


    cameron is mineminemine

  • Anonymous

    When was this? When did she come to woodfield? I can’t believe I missed her!

  • Alison

    WHAT ?! NO ONE TOLD ME ! Man that just ruined my day): I can’t believe I miss it. I’ve already met Emily but still… Argh. My life sucks.