Alyson Stoner TAP WITH A BEAT 3/26

  • BAMF Princess

    I haven’t liked this girl since I first saw her in Missy Elliot videos..

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  • leLIVREinterdit

    second. i lke her.

  • lalalalea

    I like her.
    +cant wait for cr2.

  • Anonymous


  • Bryant24Lydia

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  • Anonymous

    I like her. She’s charismatic and I think she’s a good actress.

    About the water thing, I agree with Bolivian president Evo Morales, who recently put forward the notion that access to drinkable water should be internationally recognized as a basic human right. Water is simply TOO IMPORTANT to let it be controlled and turned into a commodity by the capitalist class.

  • Anonymous

    aê alyson *-*

  • Anonymous

    she used to be so famous, i dont know why she isnt
    shes so much more talented than other disney stars
    she can sing dance and act, and shes great in everything

  • Selenalenalena

    Awww I like her.