Ashley Tisdale Brunette BREATHTAKING


Newly brunette Ashley Tisdale hiding her face while shopping in Los Angeles on Thursday afternoon. Tisdale recently landed a roll in the TV series Hellcats alongside Alyson Michalka. Photos: Fame.

SPOTTING from Chelsea: Jonas Brothers & Demi were at Six Flags today!

  • iloveyouux

    Her hair looks so natural when it’s brown, I love it.

  • Anonymous

    “SPOTTING from Chelsea: Jonas Brothers & Demi were at Six Flags today”

    No. demi was working on the set…keith tweet

    yay to @merill_alisha and @jessicakay90 getting to see @ddlovato in action today! so excited for them to see the set! :)

  • Jess

    She looks a bit sloppy though :-/

  • Mikayla

    If she keeps dying her hair like this, especially going back to blonde a lot, by the time she’s 30 there won’t be much left… hahaha

  • Anonymous

    i think she looks great
    with brunette and blonde hair :)
    love these pics, and her glasses <3

  • Anonymous

    I like her best when she’s blonde, but if she can’t maintain the color 100%, then just no, go brunette and yes, I say this to all my hair dyeing girl friends. And agreed she can’t keep dyeing her hair, she already doesn’t have the best hair.

  • RachConfounds

    Ashley is amazing whatever hair colour she has, but I do prefer Brunette. She looks awesome. :) (:

  • 007

    …which Six Flags?

    Ashley looks beautiful!

  • SmileySimpson

    I emailed this in…

  • Anonymous

    she looks way better as a brunette and i feel sorry for her because tose papparizi are invading her privacy.

  • CupcakezLover

    I like her better as a brunette. (:

  • msjonas13

    shs pretty

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  • BAMF Princess

    She is SO FUCKING pretty with her natural hair color!! She is beautiful. I remember back when she had big curly brunette hair on The Amanda Show :D

    She looks too plain as a blonde.

  • Anonymous

    yaay :D love her as a brunette ?

  • Anonymous

    one day ashley tisdale will punch a photographer

  • GoldenGal9311

    I love her hair brown.

  • Anonymous

    Love her as brunette & blonde ;D
    Last Song Premiere Event thingy tonight eh?

  • leLIVREinterdit

    i know she had to change the colour for her new role but if she keeps dyeing and un-dyeing it, she’s going to ruin her hair.

  • Anonymous

    I think she looks better as a brunette. Her as a blonde seems so fake and plastic. Plus, the shade of blonde she had looked ugly.