Justin Bieber My World 2.0 NO. 1 Album


Justin Bieber’s My World 2.0 will top next week’s HITS Album Sales chart with between 225-250k, which is over 100k more than his debut last November, now over 1 million, according to HitsDailyDouble.

The industry at large hopes the album, which is selling from between $6.98 at Amazon, $6.99 at Target and $9.99 at iTunes, will be the start of a trend where artists release fewer tracks at more frequent intervals.

  • Anonymous

    I actually can’t stand this whole concept of releasing one album of only like 6 songs then another one a few months later. Just seems like they’re rushing it out for money.

    That said, I’ve never really listened to Justin aside from 3 songs so I’m not judging him just saying I don’t like the release schedule he goes with.

  • Anonymous

    Yeah Justin is amazing!

  • SelenaxKelsey

    Hell yeah Biebs suck on it haters:D I love the cd I bought it and my fave is Stuck in the Moment:D

  • Anonymous

    Either way – they put out completely different music. Jonas appeals because they write their own songs that aren’t necessarily radio friendly but you know they experienced what they sing about. bieber has great writers/produers that put out catchy radio hits. you can appreciate both!

  • Anonymous

    The difference is too that the Jonas Brothers are on their way down and Justin Bieber is still on his way up. The JOnas Boys are getting too old for the whole teen world and Disney shows. Age is working against them. They haven’t done anything relevant outside to the whole teen Disney act.

    Time will tell if Bieber can remain relevant. He has a good teacher in Usher.

  • juliecoutureatschool


  • Paula
  • Diamondback

    Sad state of affairs.

  • itsmeeeexx


  • Anonymous

    im very proud of him. im not a HUGE fan of him, but its awesome to see a teen who came from nothing and is living his dream

    In many ways, Justin and the Jonas Brothers are alike (with life stories, and success)

    Whether you like one or the other, you have to admit they are both impressive.

  • Anonymous

    Well while congrats to him for his success, it’s only cause of pre-orders

  • island.B

    Does anyone else like Kiss and Tell by him?

  • Anonymous

    Okay why is everyone so obessed with this kid? Am I missing something?! Not cute and not talented. I mean he is better then some people I know but he is not amazing like people are making him out to be. And his songs are really cheesy. I’m sorry but true. I am not jealous but I just don’t understand the Justin Bieber Phenomeum

  • Anonymous

    So Justin Bieber’s EP (My World, released last November) went Platinum (1,059,000 sold to date) and his first full length album is going to debut at #1 and most likely outsell it, while Nick Jonas’s album flopped with just 135k sold to date?


  • Trey

    because of pre-orders!? really?
    good thing no one cares what hatas think.

    if you haven’t gotten my world, get it now.

    I wish Kiss & Tell was on the standard version, its the best song.

  • Anonymous

    This shows that America’s Music has gone down the tubes. if this KID got a number one album.why can’t we go back to good music?

  • emma13

    wow thats impressive. go justin. and i didnt knew that his first album already sold 1 million copies already. now thats really impressive. it was just like released like in i think november or something. but anyways congrats justin.

  • Anonymous

    The difference with the Jonas Brothers was that their albums were a year or more apart. Justin Bieber just released a CD late fall and now another so soon with such success. His CD last year My World sold over a million copeis and is still selling, it is still in the top 10 at Billboard. Next week My World 2 will be number #1. He may have 2 albums in the top 10.

  • Anonymous

    He is huge right now, you cant deny that. He is young and caters to the young. His future will be based on how much he grows as an artist and can stay relevant.

  • EliJonasBieber

    Que bieen por Justin *_*
    Aqui en Venezuela ni siquiera ha llegado el primer Cd :(
    Pero igual que bieen


  • _herecomestrouble.

    The difference with the Jonas Brothers was that their albums were a year or more apart. Justin Bieber just released a CD late fall and now another so soon with such success. His CD last year My World sold over a million copeis and is still selling, it is still in the top 10 at Billboard. Next week My World 2 will be number #1. He may have 2 albums in the top 10.
    i’m so proud of justin. (:

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  • Anonymous

    Second!!!!!!! And yes I love justin bieber knew his
    album would go big xx

  • Anonymous

    Not being funny, but people called the Jonas Brothers album (lines vines and trying times) a flop when it sold 247,000 (247K) in it’s first week. (Just goes to show how wrong you were. Just because they sold a hell of a lot for ALBL doesn’t mean anything. ALBL was completely crazy in first week sales.)

    Had to get that off my chest, but anyway on topic… Don’t really like the style of music justin does, but congraulations.

  • lalalalea


  • island.B

    Woot woot go Biebs

  • Anonymous

    Hits daily double is usually too high in its estimates. And yes the trend is to sell it as a throw away. You can buy a candy bar or a CD with a few songs on it. Okay why not. That is why you can’t compare anything in this industry. The rules have changed dramatically. Example listed above. How could 247,000 be a flop less than a year ago, but this week oh that’s great. Ten years ago 2 million in the first week was good. Proves it’s not about number of CDs sold. In Europe live streaming is becoming much more popular. People don’t even download a song. They in effect rent it.

    And no, I’m not into the 10 year old’s music. Heard one song (and unfortunately I have) you’ve heard them all.

  • Anonymous

    The success of his new CD will be based on how it keeps selling. Will it sell over a million copies? Or more? I think he will hit the million mark over the long haul. He is hot right now.

  • island.B

    Kiss and Tell :)