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  • Jacky

    Emily is pretty much the most amazing Girl on Disney. And I love her Songs. You shouldnt just judge her by her EP. Her new Songs are even more edgier, like “Truth or Dare” or “Recycle”” You should youtube them (:

    Go Emily!

  • Jenn

    She’s the cutest disney star and she’s really talented and grounded, I like her songs too, her style is very unique, and I love the fact that she didn’t sign with Hollowood Recrods, she signed with Wind up Records :D

  • Adry

    Love her she did awesome!!!Yeah i admit shes a better actress but she can do both very well..Hope she does more movies..Cant wait for her CD

  • Anonymous

    I completely agree with Herewegoagain…Love Emily!!!Wish i could meet her!!!

  • Ally

    I think she sounded good.Hope shes in more movies though but whatz i think shes great.

  • Effy

    she did really good!! way better then usual

  • Be3

    She’s the best! Can’t wait to see the future has in store for her!

  • Gleek.

    Loved her. She’s amazing and her EP is fantastic! Can’t wait for the full album.

  • Anonymous

    really good! she should be hannah montana.. she is prettier and sings way better than miley! love both but she is better!

  • Anonymous

    she is good!

  • Anonymous

    yes! your sooo right! i saw her live in pittsburgh and she sounded a lot better than she did on this show! but then i met her after the show and she was a big bitch. i have to desire to see her again. but her forhead did look oily

  • wtfbecca

    that seriously gave me a headache. She can not sing in my opinion. Amazing actress though!
    and does her forehead look kinda shinny to anyone else?

  • loveforladygaga.

    haha, ive always thought she had a shiny forehead in other pictures.

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  • Anonymous

    Wow 1st!

  • Anonymous

    YAY I LOVE HER! she was amazing. <3

  • Herewegoagain

    Emily is freaken amazing she is my fave gurll on disney she doesnt get appriciated enough from my point of view she better singer & actress then half of the people on disneyy !! dont hate me for my pov cause i know im right tbh =]] <33

  • britt

    wow. she can actually sing! i mean, she’s not the BEST singer in the world, got some work to do. but she’s waaaaaaay better than selena.